This Raspberry Pi iSight Camera Is Perfect for Zoom Meetings

(Image credit: Max Braun)

Are you looking for hardware to pull off your virtual meetings in style? Maker Max Braun feels your pain, that's why he decided to retrofit a Raspberry Pi Zero inside of an old Apple iSight camera.

The iSight originally ran from 2003 - 2006, so the quality of the camera (and compatibility) is far from modern standards. By gutting the inside, he was able to fit a Pi Zero inside along with a Camera Module V2.

The camera upgrade provides a significant improvement in image quality. The new setup captures 1080p video with a frame rate of 30 per second. The outer shell was kept intact to maintain the look and feel of the original iSight.

Render of a Pi Zero and Camera in an Applie iSight case

(Image credit: Max Braun)

To pull off the project, Braun needed to 3D print some custom fittings to keep the innards in place. He designed the files using Fusion 360 and sent them off to a third party to be 3D printed. With a few extra pieces like screws and cables, he was ready to assemble the final build.

You can read more about the project in detail here. If you want to recreate the project yourself, visit the GitHub repo for more details, including the 3D printer files you'll need. Be sure to follow Max Braun on Twitter for updates and more cool Pi projects.

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