Tobii Adds Eye-Tracking Features To 15 More Games (Updated)

Update, 6/8/2017, 11:52am PDT: We initially wrote there were now over 60 games that support Tobii's eye-tracking features with the addition of the new titles announced today. However, Tobii PR reached out to us and told us that the total number is wrong. There are now over 75 games that use Tobii eye-tracking technology. We corrected the number in the story below.

Original article, 6/8/2017, 6:05am PDT:

If you have a Tobii eye-tracking device at home, you’ll have more games to play with it starting next week. The company is adding eye-tracking features to 15 games, some of which are already available for purchase.

For a majority of the newly supported titles, the most prevalent eye-tracking feature is the extended view, which will let you use your eyes and head to move the in-game camera. Some games will also support the Clean UI feature, which makes specific UI elements transparent when you’re not looking at them on the screen. There’s also the Aim at Gaze option that lets you use your eyes to aim at a target instead of relying on your mouse to point at the enemy. 

One of the new games that will get eye-tracking capabilities is Volition’s Agents of Mayhem. On top of the features above, the game will also get some additional capabilities with a Tobii device. These include Dynamic Light, which will change the game’s brightness based on the lighting in your area, and Awareness, which will use your eyes to move the character’s head and “makes the environment aware of where the player is looking.” You can take a look at the rest of the newly supported games and their eye-tracking abilities on the list below.

7 Days to Die – Aim at Gaze, Clean UI, Extended viewAgents of Mayhem – Extended view, Awareness, Clean UI, Dynamic Light, Aim at GazeClustertruck – Extended viewCreativerse – Extended view, Clean UIDistance – Extended viewDungeons 2 – Center at GazeEvent [0] – Extended viewThe Forest – Extended view, Clean UIGunFleet – Extended view, Clean UISalt – Extended view, Clean UI, Aim at GazeThea: The Awakening - Center at GazeThrough the woods – Extended viewUnturned – Extended view, Aim at GazeValley – Extended viewSlime Rancher – Extended view, Clean UI

The implementation of eye-tracking features in these games is part of Tobii’s plan to have more than 100 titles support the technology by the end of the year. With these new titles, there are now more than 75 games that use eye tracking as part of gameplay. If you’re attending E3 next week, you can check out some of these titles at Alienware’s booth in the South Hall.

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