Reminder: How to Edit Your Comments

Now that you've read our How to Use Our Comments and Not Get Banned guide--which is really very easy to follow--here's how to edit your comments.

Simply keep yourself logged in, scroll down to the Comments section and you should see a link called "Read the comments in the forums."

Click on that. You'll be taken to the forums page for the particular thread that you're on, and as long as you're signed in, you can edit your own comments.

Simply click on the editing button that appears in your post and you'll be able to edit.


  • jonpaul37
    first post! um, lets see, what should i go with..., i know! will it be able to play Crysis 2 in the future when it comes out?

    *EDIT* It worked! hooray beer!
  • shadow187
    Oh, well that clarifies things. The problem is, that requires a redirect which people are too lazy to do (or me, :rolleyes:). See if you can get it into Javascript where it automatically does it.
  • dman3k
    Glad I could help, Tuan!
  • cscott_it
    Wait a minute.

    Was this a secret, because I've been doing this for a little bit.
  • broketechjunkie
    That's cool.

    EDIT: Works for me. Is there any way to get the edit function embedded in the comments section itself?
  • mlopinto2k1
    Wow, has this been an option since god knows when?
  • JMcEntegart
    cscott_itWait a minute.Was this a secret, because I've been doing this for a little bit.
    It's not a secret. People just didn't realise it was there. :)

    mlopinto2k1Wow, has this been an option since god knows when?
    Yes and no! There wasn't always an easy way to get to the forums but for the last few weeks the link has been sitting right there. All you had to do was click.

  • g-thor
    Has this been there all along? I've seen the cries of "Let my people go and edit their comments!" for so long now.

    But will this make me lazy? Will I stop proofreading my own comments because I can edit it later? Tune in again for the continuing saga of a compulsive comment poster on Tom's Hardware.

    Update: The continuing saga has been dropped from our regular lineup due to lack of any audience share whatsoever. On a positive note, the edit function works smoothly.
  • tuannguyen
    dman3kGlad I could help, Tuan!
    Yeah, thanks!
    And can you do me a favor and try posting on Tom's Guide?,news-6117.html

    Try that. :)
  • Hilarion
    Didn't work for me. I went looking and no edit button.

    Ah... It only appears to work right after you have entered your comment. After that you appear to be stuck with your typos.