Tom's Hardware Goes To Computex

Next week, the Tom’s Hardware crew will be on the ground in sweaty, beautiful Taipei for Computex 2017, bringing you loads of news and insights from our favorite tradeshow of the year. (Shh, don’t tell the other tradeshows.)

Keep an eye on the newsfeed (that’s right here) as we find all the latest motherboards, cases, cooling hardware, peripherals, graphics cards, storage, and more as we traipse through the show’s many floors and locations. As always, we expect a new round of updates and new products from all the vendors you’d expect, plus the inevitable crop of tasty surprises.  

We’ll certainly have a plethora of posts every day, and we’ll do our best to recap and recap and recap so you don’t miss anything in the firehose of news.

You can always check in on our Computex tag page, right here, to see all of our coverage from and about the show.

You may have noticed that we’ve already written numerous articles about many products that will debut at this year’s Computex (again, hit up that tag page to see the lot of them); more are coming before we’re wheels up for Taipei.

And once we’re in-country, it’s game on, dear readers. Stay tuned!

  • envy14tpe
    Welcome to Taiwan. Hope to see your crew.
  • 10tacle
    Besides Christmas, this is my favorite time of the year.... June for Computex and E3! In any event, I hope to hear something from Nvidia about their Pascal refresh which is reportedly supposed to carry the 2000-series labeling. The 9-series Maxwells didn't get a refresh like the previous Keplers (6-series to 7-series). I also hope they will reveal more about Volta for next year.

    So guys - try and get that info squeezed out of them in an exclusive if they don't mention anything!
  • JamesSneed
    Glad you will be there with so many exiting products this year. Has it started yet? :)
  • scolaner
    19745618 said:
    Glad you will be there with so many exiting products this year. Has it started yet? :)

    Juuuust about. Some people are already there, others are en route. Some of the early stuff will begin in the morning.