Tom's Hardware Steam Giveaway: 'Stellaris'

Our latest Steam giveaway is almost over! We have three copies of Stellaris up for grabs this time. Make sure to head to the forums and enter for your chance to win. One copy will be given away to the raffle winner, while two be given to members participating in the giveaway discussion. Stellaris is Pardox Development Studio's latest epic. Unlike their previous genre-defining strategy games, Stellaris revolves around space exploration and galactic conquest.

Like all of our Steam giveaways, there are two ways to win: enter the raffle or answer the discussion prompt. You can find both the discussion prompt and raffle in the giveaway thread located in the Tom's Hardware PC Gaming Forums. The Steam Giveaway will run until 12pm EST on Friday, February 10. The game will be awarded to the winners as a Steam gift. A Steam account is required to receive the prize and play the game.