Tom's Hardware System Builder Now Live!

The question put to you by every Uncle Phil and Aunt Ida since the dawn of time.  Well, we’ve got an app for that now.

We are proud to announce the introduction of the Tom’s Hardware System Builder App on Facebook.  Create and customize your own unique systems from a huge library of components.  Share and compete by showing off your builds with your fellow hardware enthusiasts and check out the latest, hottest rigs around.  And best of all, you can answer that ages-old question “What kind of system should I get?” by building it with a few swift clicks and sharing it right on your Facebook wall.
Be sure to check it out!
- Joe Pishgar
Community Manager

Joe Pishgar
Joe Pishgar is the Community Director of Tom's Hardware US. He oversees the number one tech enthusiast forum in the world.
  • PudgyChicken
    Seems pretty cool...
  • 11796pcs
    Looks cool- if I had a Facebook...
  • pclee
    Indeed it
  • fir_ser
    Keep up the good work TH.
  • Ragnar-Kon

    ... and then I read the Facebook part. And then I was sad.

    But I went to check it out regardless and it is pretty cool. Just wish it was available without the whole Facebook part.
  • nottheking
    I concur with the above... Make it available as an ap just on this site, (akin to the GPU Charts) and it's a huge winner. Not saying the FaceBook ap should be removed; you should keep it still. But the more coverage and availability, the better.

    Bravo on being the first with such a brilliant idea.
  • I clicked on the blue facebook link and got sent to one of those dodgy looking advertising sites and when i tried to cloce the tab i got those stupid box that pops up asking you if you really want to leave the site and when i tried to close firefox 4 i got a second one, I ended up having to "end Process" of FF in the task manager because i refuse to click on anything like those are you sure boxes since they often open up other windows etc. Tom's hardware need to seriously think about the online security of their readers instead of the $$$
  • NuclearShadow
    Neato however I don't think it will be much use for us actual Tom's users.
    We after all are Demi-Gods descended by the Goddess Adonis and thus with our superior DNA we have the ability to stay in touch via MOBook (Mount Olympus book) which is far superior to Facebook but is restricted to only the greatest beings in the universe i.e. us.

    But seriously... I understand making a Facebook app for this but such a feature native to this site would make so much more sense and be way more helpful to those looking to make a build. Even more so if you linked the hardware to benchmarks and reviews done on Tom's. This feature can rest on a page that is sponsored by one of the many advertisers (and of course can change) having a short ad before it launches and the page can be covered by said sponsor.

    P.S. Seeing how my idea tends to make more sense and actually improves upon this site with a feature that will bring more people and thus more ad revenue how about sacking Joe Pishgar and hiring me for the job?

    P.S.S. What is Tom's policy on co-worker relationships?

    P.S.S.S. I totally ask that out of curiosity totally not about Jane...
  • Tried it out... dislike

    Can't find a purpose to this either 'cause what's the point of sharing this on facebook? It would be helpful and productive if this was used on the Tom's website. People who are asking for upgrades/new builds on the forums could use this to help other users help them. This would help people on Tom's see what people are planning to buy all in one place instead of clicking each link. It would also provide pictures. Also, it would also help helpers by making it easier for them to quickly post parts. A nice feature to add would be allowing users to select a place/website to buy their parts and the app would automatically update the prices based on that place/website.
  • -Fran-
    bear95Can't find a purpose to this either 'cause what's the point of sharing this on facebook?
    Data Mining.