Microsoft Wants Your Android, BlackBerry Devices Too

Last week we reported that Microsoft is offering a minimum of $200 in-store credit for gently used iPad 2 tablets and up. Now the company has upped the ante just weeks before the debut of Windows 8.1 with what seems to be an additional promotion. This time, customers can trade-in their gently used iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices for up to $350 without having to step within a Microsoft Store.

The new promotion is open to anyone with a Microsoft ID, as well as businesses looking to trade in multiple devices. Customers first fill out a form listing the device's type, brand, model, and wireless provider, and then click on whether it has water damage, physical damage or is fully functional. After that, device owners will receive an instant quote from Clover Wireless.

"Clover Wireless has more than 20 years of experience in valuing used electronic equipment," Microsoft said. "Clover Wireless will provide the maximum trade-in value for your used electronic device, and if not a good usable device Clover Wireless will ensure it is recycled responsibly through an R2 and eSteward registered end of life recycler."

If customers are comfortable with the quote, they print the pre-paid shipping label and mail in the device along with the required accessories. Customers must then purchase a Microsoft product within 30 days after shipping the device, and present the company with a proof-of-purchase. Within 60 days after receiving the traded-in device, Clover Wireless will pay the verified value in the form of a prepaid Visa card.

"Clover Wireless reconditions for resale or recycles all the devices they receive during this program," the company said. "Clover Wireless employs a zero-tolerance landfill policy ensuring all electronic waste is shredded and/or smelted in the U.S. to be repurposed in the creation of new material. Clover Wireless will remarket only fully functional products to legitimate businesses overseas."

Just for curiosity, the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet is quoted for $160 USD, whereas the original 16 GB iPad tablet pulls in a mere $95 USD. The BlackBerry Z10 for Verizon Wireless only quotes for $160, whereas the 32 GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE is only worth $100.

Currently, the promotion doesn't show an expiration date or region restrictions, so it looks to be open for everyone until Microsoft pulls the plug. However, Microsoft's list of wireless carriers only shows local North American services, which could mean absolutely nothing.