Microsoft Offering $200 For "Gently Used" iPads

Can you smell it? That's the scent of new Windows-based tablets in the air, and Microsoft is preparing consumers for the big wave of gadgets getting ready to flood retail isles this October with a new promotion aimed specifically at iPad owners. Sorry Googlers, you're not included.

According to Microsoft, Apple loyalists can trade in their "gently used" iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 and get a minimum of $200 on a gift card to the Microsoft store. This promotion began on September 5 and ends on October 27, days after new Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 tablets are set to North America. There may even be an updated Surface and Surface Pro on standby.

The drawback is that the credit can't be used online, so customers will need to hunt down an actual Microsoft store. "Offer only valid for the exchange of listed iPad products, no exceptions," reads the fine print. "To be eligible for trade-in, device should include power cord, if available, and device cannot be password protected. Microsoft Store gift-card value will be equal to trade-in value, and is subject to Microsoft’s discretion and manager approval."

Naturally Microsoft suggests purchasing a Surface RT or Surface Pro tablet with your new found wealth. However the credit is good for any product sold within Microsoft's brick-and-mortar stores. Don't know where there's one located near you? Head here and Microsoft will point the way once you enter a zip code. If that doesn't work, find a location by state instead. For some, it may cost $200 in gas just to find the nearest store, so the promotion is useless.

TUAW points out that Apple customers should be a little insulted, as the lowest qualifying tablet on Microsoft list, the iPad 2 with 16 GB of storage, can bring in better prices on eBay even in a "decent" used condition. Trade-in prices aren't determined until the device is brought into the store and evaluated by a Microsoft employee, the company indicates.

Earlier this summer, Microsoft launched a back-to-school anti-iPad ad campaign while Best Buy offered its own $200 iPad trade-in promotion. Microsoft just recently ran a series of ads comparing the capabilities between Windows 8 tablets and the iPad, indicating that the iPad's price tag is a bit over-inflated for what it can (or cannot) do. The company has also been pushing the platform's business readiness as well, addressing the enterprise sector.

  • stevejnb
    This seemed like a good deal, but then I remembered how overpriced iPads are to begin with, meaning you could probably sell them through eBay or other online retailers for more.
  • weierstrass
    Used apple products sell way better on eBay. If they have any good property, its they maintaining their price well over time.
  • beta212
    Nice... Problem is an Ipad costs a lot more than 200$, I understand that is the minimum, but still. Still wondering if temash is coming in surface, would be awesome if it did.
  • vmem
    while it's certainly nice value, especially for say ipad 2...

    let's see, what can I spend $200 or so of microsoft credit for? Surface RT? no thanks, Surface pro and it's 2hr battery life? nope. Failbox one? nah. xbox 360? already own one (actually, 2nd one. thanks Microsoft for the red ring of death on my first one...) Halo games? over milked...

    The list goes on...
  • tolham
    not a bad idea, but the execution seems poor. you can only do the trade-in if you go a microsoft store....I've never seen a microsoft store in my life. checking the zip code thing shows there's not one conveniently close by because they don't have nearly enough of them.

    microsoft is just copying apple and google and they have a public perception problem. microsoft needs to go back to the drawing board and *innovate*.
  • amoralman
    I'd trade in that ipod touch 2 I found a while back with a broken screen that actually still works. But I wouldn't ask any money :)

    /end fanboy
  • s17speedex
    We're certain it's a nice town, but at the moment there are no Microsoft Stores near you.

  • abbadon_34
    So you paid $100,000 for a honda accord 10 years ago, guess what the dealer with give you for your trade in.
  • back_by_demand
    This whole article is laced with anti-Microsoft bile, Kevin Parrish you are an utter disgrace. The news of the $200 offer is the only journalism, the rest is just seething hatred, you make me sick.
  • almostdecent
    I think the unspoken consequence is the most interesting: what happens to the iPads. What happens if the idea is a success and they do indeed receive a billion dollars worth of iPads. Then what? Burn them? Destroy them? I think not. Suddenly they are either giving their employees Apple products, and the employees are now using the competitor, or they sell them which is funnier yet.