Twitchcon Keynote Reveals Twitch App For PlayStation, Video Playlists, HTML5 Player

Twitch's first big event, Twitchcon, is underway, and the first day started with a keynote speech from Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear. As part of his presentation, Shear provided a few details about upcoming changes to the popular streaming service and how it will compete in the ever-changing landscape of online content.

An App For PlayStation

One of the most notable features on the PlayStation 4 is the ability to immediately share your content via Facebook, Twitter, and even stream your current game on Twitch. However, there was a lack of any Twitch-related app for the console, meaning you had to resort to using the PS4's browser or a laptop to watch other streams.

Two years after the PS4's release, Twitch is finally coming out with its own app for the console. However, the company isn't stopping with the PS4. A Twitch app is also in the works for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, so as to not leave those using the other two devices in the dust. No specific release date was announced, but PlayStation fans can expect it sometime this fall.

YouTube Competition

It's no secret that Twitch's biggest competitor is the video giant YouTube, which just launched its own gaming streaming service called YouTube Gaming. Both sides are vying for game streaming supremacy in an industry where anyone can become famous with a few uploads. To keep fans on the site, Twitch is adding two features for those maintaining a Twitch channel as well as ditching Flash for its video player and upgrading to HTML5.

In the past, only your broadcasts were available as viewable content. Now, the company is allowing users to upload any video on Twitch, making each channel more than just a game streaming hub. To go along with that, you can now have a playlist of past broadcasts and other content that plays when you're offline. That way, visitors can still have something to watch even when there isn't any live content from you.

When? Soon?

Unfortunately, the company didn't provide any concrete release date for any of the aforementioned updates. Still, it goes to show that Twitch constantly listens to its audience, and it's also aware of its competitors. Twitch is still one of the top destinations for game streaming content online, and this latest batch of updates is the company's way of staying at the top of the list.

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