Vdio Now Available to All in the U.S. and UK

Back in 2011, the founders of Skype, KaZaA, Joost and Rdio announced Vdio, a video service that will be similar to music subscription-based company Rdio. The service launched to Rdio premium subscribers on April 2, 2013. Today, the service opened up to everyone (everyone in the UK and the U.S., that is).

Vdio allows users to buy, rent, and share their favorite movies and TV shows with friends. Rather than following the same subscription-based model as Rdio, Vdio utilizes a pay-per-view scheme that sees users pay for the content as they watch it. That said, Vdio apparently isn't ruling out a subscription model in the future. 

Vido told GigaOM that it hopes to launch in Canada in the coming months but no word on when that be, nor did the company say anything about expansions beyond North America and the United Kingdom.

  • adrums63
    I think vudu.com already beat them to the punch
  • lpedraja2002
    I tried viewing the rent prices but the site require me to sign up for the service or use Facebook login which I don't have. Can anyone tell me if by some miracle the rent prices are cheap? I'd like a streaming service with rent prices that match Redbox's prices. VUDU charges $6 to stream a film which I can rent for much less with the same quality or better.