Vicarious Preps VR Content Publishing Platform For Alpha Testing

Vicarious announced that it is preparing for an alpha test of the Vicarious VR content publishing platform. The company has been testing with a small early contributor team and is now ready to accept more members.

Vicarious is a small company from San Francisco founded by JM Yujuico and Alexander Chu. We had the chance to speak with the co-founders last fall, and what they described sounded promising. The platform will allow you to build VR experiences using any kind of content. It's compatible with traditional 2D photos and video, as well as panoramic and 360-degree media.

Vicarious will be accepting applications over the next few weeks and will invite “a few members at a time” into the program. Accepted members will be testing the new features that have recently been added to the platform, including the file reader and creation UI. The test group will also be evaluating the content sharing backend.

Vicarious isn’t looking for casual testers. The company is looking for people who have a real interest in Vicarious VR and intend to stick around for the long haul.

“As part of the alpha group, you'll have a team helping you work with the tools and listening to your feedback. In exchange, all we ask is that you remain involved and help us build the future of social VR together,” said JM Yujuico, Vicarious Founder and CEO.

To be considered for the alpha test, you must already be signed up for Vicarious’ newsletter. The invites to apply for the alpha test have been sent to current members, and applications are sent in by replying to the message. If did you receive an invite to apply, you’ll have to “write a few sentences about why you want to use Vicarious” and provide a link to your own content from a blog, social media site or “other type of internet presence” to be considered. You’ll also need a Gear VR to use the app if you do get invited.

In short, Vicarious isn’t letting just anyone in. You have to have something meaningful to contribute to be part of the early test group. 

If you haven’t already signed up for the Vicarious newsletter, but wish to be considered for future tests, you can fill out the form one Vicarious’s website.

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