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Chicago (IL) - Think 3D graphics just keep getting more photo-realistic on your computer screen? MTV2's Video Mods add a new twist to photo-realistic graphics created in real time: In an attempt to create a new style of music video, MTV2 combines popular songs with footage taken from video games.

Music TV station MTV2 has begun airing music videos with real-time 3D rendering based on scenes and characters of video games and 3D engines. The new music videos can be seen every Saturday at 9:30 pm EST.

Screenshots taken from the Nvidia video clip.

Scenes taken from a game are modified to go along with the beat and style of a song to create a unique appearance. On the list of participating game titles are Sims2, Leisure Suit Larry, Bloodrayne2, Tribes: Vengeance, Jade Empire and others. Graphic chip manufacturer Nvidia is also involved with a Dusk/Dawn video modification for the song "Bring Me To Life" from Evanescence.

Clips that have already been broadcasted can be accessed via videostream or screenshots here.

More information about the videos are available on MTV2's Video Mods Homepage.