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Chicago (IL) - Think 3D graphics just keep getting more photo-realistic on your computer screen? MTV2's Video Mods add a new twist to photo-realistic graphics created in real time: In an attempt to create a new style of music video, MTV2 combines popular songs with footage taken from video games.

Music TV station MTV2 has begun airing music videos with real-time 3D rendering based on scenes and characters of video games and 3D engines. The new music videos can be seen every Saturday at 9:30 pm EST.

Screenshots taken from the Nvidia video clip.

Scenes taken from a game are modified to go along with the beat and style of a song to create a unique appearance. On the list of participating game titles are Sims2, Leisure Suit Larry, Bloodrayne2, Tribes: Vengeance, Jade Empire and others. Graphic chip manufacturer Nvidia is also involved with a Dusk/Dawn video modification for the song "Bring Me To Life" from Evanescence.

Clips that have already been broadcasted can be accessed via videostream or screenshots here .

More information about the videos are available on MTV2's Video Mods Homepage .

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