Wreak Havoc And Cause Wanton Destruction In 'VRobot,' A VR Smash ‘Em Up For All Platforms

Luden.io, an independent development studio based in Moscow, today announced VRobot, which brings the wanton destruction of the Rampage arcade games to virtual reality.

VRobot takes the classic smash ‘em up genre, add robots, and mixes them together with virtual reality to deliver a first-person riot of gigantic proportions. In the world of VRobot, robots have taken over the earth. In an effort to balance the scales against the robots, humans built a giant robot to destroy the ruling class of robots.

VRobot isn’t likely to win any awards for having a deep storyline, but how many smash ‘em up games have a meaningful plot? VRobot is all about wreaking havoc. Your mission is to destroy everything in sight. Who cares why?

“What started life as a test project for Epic Games Mega Jam in 2016 has literally turned into something mechanically monstrous!” said Oleg Chumakov, CEO of Luden.io. “We’re really looking forwards to adding a giant robot sized amount of content to VRobot in Early Access, getting feedback from the community and ultimately launching the game across all VR platforms later this year.”

VRobot features eight large-scale cities for you to reduce to rubble. You can rip skyscrapers from the ground with a tractor beam and hurl the towards other buildings or out to the sea. VRobot’s arsenal also includes the power to manipulate tornadoes that can suck up everything in their path. You can also use your hands to grab and smash everything in sight, including the plucking the planes from the air, and ships from the ocean.

In true arcade game form, you’ll be up against the clock in each stage, and you must destroy 100% of each city before the timer is up.

Luden.io plans to bring VRobot to Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR later this year when the developer launches the full game. For now, VRobot is available as an early access title on SteamVR.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • JakeWearingKhakis
    If they could add in a feature to where people NOT in VR could play little robots to try and defend, that would be groundbreakingly awesome!