Watercool Releases Narrow ILM Waterblock For Intel Platforms

Watercool, maker of the ever popular HEATKILLER line of CPU and GPU water blocks, has released a set of narrow ILM water blocks for Intel LGA-2011 and LGA-2011v3 sockets and a kit to convert the existing HEATKILLER IV CPU block to narrow ILM configuration.

Narrow ILM sockets are typically found only on server and workstation motherboards, so this configuration won’t be for everyone, but if you have a need for a dual-Xeon workstation machine cooled by liquid, the HEATKILLER IV Narrow ILM CPU block is ready to cater to that need.

Watercool is offering the block in three different variants. The HEATKILLER IV BASIC features a copper base and a black POM Acetal top, and two variants of the HEATKILLER IV PRO include copper tops rather than Acetal. The copper top is offered with nickel plating, for a shiny mirror-like finish, or with pure bare copper.

Watercool set the price of the HEATKILLER IV BASIC Narrow ILM CPU block at 54.95€. The HEATKILLER IV PRO PURE COPPER is 79.94€, and the nickel plated HEATKILLER IV PRO COPPER NI is a few dollars more at 84.95€. Additionally, Watercool is also offering a conversion kit for existing HEATKILLER IV owners to change the standard block to the narrow ILM configuration. These kits can be found for 19.95€.

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Material - Top:POM AcetalCopperCopper - Nickel
Material  - Bottom plate:CopperCopperCopper - Nickel
Material - Holders:stainless steel - polishedstainless steel - polishedstainless steel - polished
Material - Easy Mount System:brass - platedbrass - platedbrass - plated
Dimensions cooler (L x W x H):66 x 59 x 17 mm66 x 59 x 17 mm66 x 59 x 17 mm
Weight:approx 450gapprox 450gapprox 450g
Connecting thread:2x G ¼ (DIN ISO 228-1)2x G ¼ (DIN ISO 228-1)2x G ¼ (DIN ISO 228-1)
socket compatibility:2011 Narrow ILM, 2011-3 Narrow ILM2011 Narrow ILM, 2011-3 Narrow ILM2011 Narrow ILM, 2011-3 Narrow ILM

All four products are available through shop.watercool.de. Watercool did not announce partner resellers that would be carrying the narrow ILM water blocks.

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