Western Digital to Unveil 2 TB HDD this Week

With High Definition content being stored on hard drives more and more frequently, and the latest games having increasingly large installations, hard drive space fills up quickly. Western Digital comes to the rescue with the first 2 TB hard drive expected to launch later this week.

The WD20EADS will be part of Western Digital's Caviar Green series. It will have 32 MB of cache, a seek time of 8.9ms and will run at either 5400RPM or 7200RPM. The drive is expected to have four 500 GB platters.

Information about the WD20EADS first appeared when online retailer Czech Computer listed it on their website back in December 2008, however they have not indicated any stock up to this point.

MSRP is not yet known, but rumours are pointing to retail prices of about $210-240, making it slightly more expensive than a pair of drives in the lower end of the 1TB price range. We'll know the price soon enough when the drive hits the shelves later this week.

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  • Pei-chen
    Be aware that Intel storage controllers and windows do not recognize volumes over 2TB so if you RAID 0 two 2TB drives, the max single volume is 2TB and you have to partition the drive in order to use the other 2TB.
  • Blessedman
    Honestly I didn't know that, I run 4 500gb drives in a raid0 pulling just 1.8TB (I guess I am safe lol). I paid 60$ per drive and get performance just under some of the lower end SSD's. My real reason for commenting though is instead of a 2TB drive why not another 1TB drive with say 16gb of "cache". Come up with cache management software that will allow applications or OS to be stored there. I know these Hybrids are on their way, but come on they should be here by now... Especially knowing they basically hit the ceiling of main stream capacity.
  • p05esto
    Glad to see the 2TB, my NAS fills up everytime I get a larger drive... and I really don't want to RAID stuff together if I can help it. 2TB makes me drool. Hope Windows 7 allows for larger drives than 2TB, how was that missed in Vista (assuming post above is true)?