612 Games Shows Off First 'Wild West Online' Gameplay

To the dismay of fans everywhere, Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 won’t be out until sometime next spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your dose of a Wild West-themed game to play this year. Enter Wild West Online, a massive multiplayer online title from 612 Games. An alpha version of the game comes out sometime this summer, but in order to attract more fans, the studio released a video that provides a taste of gameplay.

When you arrive in town, you’ll have a few places to visit, such as the clothing store, gunsmith, sheriff’s building, and saloon. You can also catch up on current in-game events and the overall storyline by reading the local newspaper. The clothing store and gunsmith provide you with new gear and weapons for your character, but the main hub is the saloon where you can take on quests, brawl with other players, or gamble your money away.

Speaking of money, one of the ways to earn income is by taking on bounties, which are posted in the sheriff’s office. The targets for these bounties seem to be other players that committed in-game crimes that lowered their reputation. One of the ways you can get notorious is by stealing items, but you can get away with the crime if there are no witnesses.

As you roam around the map, you’ll encounter multiple structures called Rest Cabins where you can regain your health, change your outfits, and craft additional items to use for the journey. You can fast-travel between multiple Rest Cabins to save yourself some time. You can also set up your own campsite, which serves as a portable Rest Cabin.

Combat in the game is gun-based, but weapons are limited to pistols, shotguns, and repeater rifles. The developers also mentioned in the FAQ section that “experimental weapons” from the era will also be available. For those who prefer long-distance combat, you can use sniper rifles, but you’ll need improved skills in order to properly use them in a fight.

With an alpha version ready for the summer, you can expect the beta to follow shortly. Unlike Red Dead Redemption 2, Wild West Online is expected to come out sometime before the end of the year. If you want to get in on the early versions of the game, you can pay $40. A $60 investment gets you a head start on the beta as well as the final version of the game. If you want to wait until the title is finished before you play it, you can pay $20.

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NameWild West Online
TypeOnline, Western
Developer612 Games
Publisher612 Games
Where To BuyWild West Online
Release Date2017
  • dudmont
    Ooh ooh! "gonna draw those pistols or just whistle Dixie?"
  • sillynilly
    So they stole the Westworld layout for the starting location? So original. Otherwise it looks fun, but damn guys straight theft.
  • derekullo
    I'm going to be Doc Brown with my sidekick Clint Eastwood.
  • chfireball
    I was working on a game like this.. called " The Wild West Online ".. had a lot of good ideas. Hopefully this will turn out to be a good mmo. just don't eat the backfire Beans near a camp fire.......