Microsoft Shows it is Winning ''By the Numbers''

Last week we found out that Microsoft has sold 150 million Windows 7 licenses to date, which equates to seven copies of the operating system sold per second. Not bad.

Frank X. Shaw of Microsoft's corporate communications helps put that in perspective of just how great that is, plus a few other self-promoting stats.

• 150 million Windows 7 licenses sold

• 7.1 million projected iPad sales in 2010
• 58 million projected netbook sales in 2010
• 355 million projected PC sales in 2010

• less than 10 percent of U.S. netbooks ran Windows in 2008
• 96 percent of U.S. netbooks ran Windows in 2009

• 0 paying customers running on Windows Azure in November 2009.
• 10,000 paying customers running on Windows Azure in June 2010.
• 700,000 students, teachers and staff using Microsoft’s cloud productivity tools in Kentucky public schools, the largest cloud deployment in the U.S.

• 16 million subscribers to the largest 25 U.S. daily newspapers
• 14 million Netflix subscribers
• 23 million Xbox live subscribers

• 9,000,000 customer downloads of the Office 2010 beta prior to launch, the largest Microsoft beta program in history.

• 21.4 million new Bing search users in one year.

• 24 percent Linux Server market share in 2005.
• 33 percent predicted Linux Server market share for 2007 (made in 2005).
• 21.2 percent actual Linux Server market share, Q4 2009.

• 8.8 million global iPhone sales in Q1 2010.
• 21.5 million Nokia smartphone sales in Q1 2010.
• 55 million total smartphone sales globally in Q1 2010.
• 439 million projected global smartphone sales in 2014.

• 9 number of years it took to reach 1 million paid user milestone.
• 6 number of years it took Microsoft Dynamics CRM to reach 1 million paid user milestone.
• 100 percent chance that CEO will mention Microsoft in a speech, panel, interview, or blog post.

• 173 million Gmail users
• 284 million Yahoo Mail users
• 360 million Windows Live Hotmail users
• 299 million active Windows Live Messenger Accounts worldwide.
• 1 - Rank of Windows Live Messenger globally compared to all other instant messaging services.

• $5.7 billion Apple net income for fiscal year ending in Sept 2009
• $6.5 billion Google net income for fiscal year ending in Dec 2009
• $14.5 billion Microsoft net income for fiscal year ending in June 2009

• $23.0 billion Total Microsoft revenue, FY2000.
• $58.4 billion Total Microsoft revenue, FY2009.

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  • Jerky_san
    I'm suprised by the hotmail thing but its probably because they've been around so long.. I like gmail 10x more for mobile and such since I don't have to pay them and its practically an exchange form of server with live push and syncing of mail box.. I do think their numbers are impressive though and windows 7 is something to be desired by almost all my customers.. They are all wanting it these days. When vista was out they begged me to make sure XP was install on everything I sold..
  • Manos
    erm.. nicely put? lol You cant say no to facts and numbers can you?

    As long as they bring me even better Windows next time around, better Xbox and Kinect and they keep up with the awesome beta just released ( yesterday I got the email and installed them ) Windows Essentials that both Messenger, Bing bar for I.E. etc gave a whole new feel to my Windows 7 based PC then I hope they keep making money and delivering. I really never liked a damn Browser Bar but the Bing Bar I installed accidentally and I actually like it o.O Messenger Beta is simply awesome and useful and the rest are yet to be checked out.

  • gncs91
    give linux 2 years max!!