MSFT Selling 7 Copies of Windows 7 Every Second

Back in January, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 was the fastest selling OS of all time. Today the company added to that with details that Redmond has sold 150 million licenses so far. Seven Windows 7 licenses are being sold every single second.

Microsoft announced that the company had sold 90 million licenses back in March, just a few days after after the expiration of the free use of Windows 7 Release Candidate.

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  • killerclick
    But this can't be! OS X is the best most user friendly most secure operating system ever! It must be outselling Windows.
  • randomizer
    I wonder what constitutes as a sale. OEMs buy in bulk.
  • Arethel
    mediv42my GOD thats incredible!I thought no WAY are they selling more than 6 copies per second! I mean, clearly 5 per second is the gold standard for new operating systems - but SEVEN??? INCONCEIVABLE!

    They don't call it Windows "Seven" for nothing...

    Okay, I'll shut up now.
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  • manitoublack
    Dam, lucky I got my free house party edition last year!
  • icepick314
    but how many are from new PC purchase OEM?
  • steddy
    Let's see... If they sell 7 copies per second for 7 years (considering what happened to xp, who knows?), they will*pulls out calculator* 1.5 billion copies (1546322400 to be exact).