MSFT Selling 7 Copies of Windows 7 Every Second

Back in January, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 was the fastest selling OS of all time. Today the company added to that with details that Redmond has sold 150 million licenses so far. Seven Windows 7 licenses are being sold every single second.

Microsoft announced that the company had sold 90 million licenses back in March, just a few days after after the expiration of the free use of Windows 7 Release Candidate.

  • manitoublack
    Dam, lucky I got my free house party edition last year!
  • icepick314
    but how many are from new PC purchase OEM?
  • steddy
    Let's see... If they sell 7 copies per second for 7 years (considering what happened to xp, who knows?), they will*pulls out calculator* 1.5 billion copies (1546322400 to be exact).
  • mindspring
  • walt526
    Windows 7 was a homerun for MSFT after a spectacular failure of Vista. MSFT certainly seems to alternative between flops and hits with the releases of Windows, I suspect in large part because people aren't interested in upgrading their OS every 2.5 years (Windows 8 is planned for release sometime in 2012). Unless there is some compelling reason to upgrade that is readily apparent to corporate IT managers, Windows 8 is probably not going to be as well received--even if it's well engineered.

    The key issue for the longevity of Windows 7 is whether or not they extend support beyond January 2015. MSFT maintained XP support (and even sales) for as long as it did only because of intense pressure from its corporate customers.
  • killerclick
    But this can't be! OS X is the best most user friendly most secure operating system ever! It must be outselling Windows.
  • randomizer
    I wonder what constitutes as a sale. OEMs buy in bulk.
  • the last resort
    god i hate apple fanboys.....

    edit: to be a little more clear i was talking about killerclick. not just a general bash apple slam fest.
  • wotan31
    If this report is to be believed, then PT Barnum was wrong. There's not a sucker born every minute. There's apparently seven suckers born each second.
  • dwave
    Last Resort, that was sarcasm I believe.