Students Reporting Problems With $29 Windows 7

Are you a student in need of Windows 7? Then you might want to look at DigitalRiver's offer for Windows 7 Home Premium for students.

Valid students can still grab a download upgrade copy of Windows 7 for just $29.99 – a pretty stellar deal if you ask us. All you need is to be part of an eligible college or university. Find out more here.

Unfortunately, some users who have purchased that upgrade are reporting problems when unpacking the files and trying to install on a 32-bit machine. So far there seems to be a mix of both successes and failures, depending on how many hoops the user is willing to jump through to jimmy that upgrade into his or her Vista install.

Engadget received a tip that Microsoft is now offering refunds to those who are having trouble in getting this product to work, but of course those who managed to snag Windows 7 for less than $30 likely won't be giving up so easily.

In any case, Microsoft has a support thread going where the company is trying to sort everyone out.

Did you grab the $29.99 deal? If so, have you been having any problems?

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  • Anonymous
    can't they do a clean install with this
  • jasperjones
    It is just silly that Digital River doesn't let you download an iso. Especially since you can use Microsoft products to create an iso from the executable that you download.
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  • Anonymous
    can't they do a clean install with this
  • dustinsroberts83
    No problems here. Installed just fine.
  • mlopinto2k1
    youwouldthinkcan't they do a clean install with this