Discounted Win 7 on Sept. 1, for Businesses

We've all marked October 22 as the day Windows 7 hits general availability, but for businesses with volume licenses, the release of the new OS will hit on September 1.

As detailed on the Windows Team Blog: "Customers with Software Assurance for Windows will be able to download the final version of Windows 7 Enterprise a few weeks after we announce RTM. As announced today by Bill Veghte during his WPC09 keynote, customers without Software Assurance will be able to purchase Windows 7 through Volume Licensing on September 1st."

According to CNet, Microsoft will be offering a six-month discount program for business that jump on the new OS early. Unlike the one just offered for consumers, which gave discounts of at least 50 percent off the retail price, the one for business will around 15 percent less than what Microsoft charged for volume licenses for Windows Vista. While 15 percent may not sound as impressive as the half-price offer consumers got, for businesses any discount is still significant.

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  • andy_newton
    It's not "Apple Tax", it's Microsoft's "Going Out of Business" Discount.
  • radiowars
    Andy_NewtonIt's not "Apple Tax", it's Microsoft's "Going Out of Business" Discount.

    Right, the company that makes a total of 1 billion a year in profit in game sales looks to be slowing down because it's offering a volume discount. I guess 12:09 marks the end of the world for Microsoft.
  • andy_newton
    Vista was 500++ USD & windows 7 which far more superior is less than windows xp pricing, so I figured... just an opinion, I'm not trying to offend anyone.