MIT Professor: Windows 8 is Xmas Gift for Someone You Hate

More than likely, Microsoft was very well aware that the Windows 8 UI would be very divisive and would require a massive change in the way a user interface is perceived and what it is supposed to do in various ways.

Following what seemed to be a reasonable balance between positive and negative reviews in the media, there is a noticeable uptick in negative commenting on Windows 8, some of which lack the type of balance we typically need to make a purchase decisions, but the type of commenting that clearly influences our perception of what Windows 8 is and what it is not.

An blog post that caught our attention was published by MIT computer science professor Philip Greenspun, who suggested Windows 8 as a gift for people you hate. It is one of the least flattering opinions of the operating system published to date, comparing the UI of the operating system to a "dog's breakfast." His conclusion is that "Microsoft has had since October 2008 to study Android" and "since June 2007 to study iPhone", but "they did not figure out what is good about the standard tablet operating systems."

Greenspun also chastised media for given Windows 8 positive reviews: "My theory is that journalists love anything new, different, and complicated. Windows 8 is all of those things." The only positive note was given to "some of the supplied apps", which "are wonderful".

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  • kog91
    how is this news?
  • faster23rd
    While I agree that Windows 8 has problems and understand that Microsoft is a key player in the tech industry, I simply do not understand the point of this article. This tiny snippet of opinion, by a relatively obscure MIT professor, is what makes for news in Tom's now? :( This is more like the showbiz segment in primetime news.
  • xurwin
    as a matter of fact, windows 8 is not that bad. need some time to get use to it. also windows 8 has the fastest boot time. i would gladly accept one too. just the metro ui is annoying but still it looks like windows 7 with a new start screen. a dumb one for desktop. its much better on touchscreens. but hey it still is good. its not that bad
  • archange
    Win 8 is still Windows and is as such an evolution of the previous iterations. Some aspects have been fine tuned compared to 7, just as 7 did with features from XP / Vista.

    Case in point: I just bought a Creative wp-350 Bluetooth Headset. I have not been able to use the headset mic under 7, no matter how much I tried, the BT stack just doesn't activate the function and "Recording devices" does not show the BT hardware. So the VoIP functions were a bust. Win 8 just does that seamlessly and with no headaches. As of yet, I haven't found any show stoppers in 8 - that doesn't mean I'm not searching. :P
  • assasin32
    I've read the actual article even that was pretty pointless he kept comparing Win 8 to iOS, Android, Win 7, OSX, and kept trying to state that it should be more like those. It's not it's win8 if you want one of the other operating systems you use it but win8 is something different and he couldn't get that past himself. That was he major grip he didn't want to learn a new OS, there was actually nothing of actual value in the article from what I recall that gave me the impression that it was anything other than someone getting out their anger.

    And for the record he tested it out on a high end desktop which he states at the end of his anger filled rant.
  • mforce2
    I really don't give a ***t about Windows 8, MS can sell it to whoever wants to buy it, I'm good with Windows 7, Linux and Android. An XP VM is also still very nice to have, especially in Linux.
    While I could probably get used to and maybe even like Windows 8 I see no reason whatsoever to try it out. Only thing good I've heard about it is the faster boot but .... I rarely boot into Windows anyway and I can get a SSD to fast boot into both Windows and Linux.
  • tomfreak
    hate me now, and give me a win8 pro for free.
  • Windows 8 isn't all that different. I bought it, and installed it, expecting it to be totally disorienting, after all I heard, but is not. It should have been called "Windows 7.1". It really isn't all that different.
  • killerclick
    I don't hate anyone that much.
  • drwho1
    after installing the START BUTTON right after installing the OS, Windows 8 looks and behaves just like Windows 7. I only saw the stupid tiles ONCE and never again after installing the START BUTTON.