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Windows Phone 8 Still Getting Little Interest from Developers

The company will need to generate much more enthusiasm not just among consumers, but among (game) developers as well, but it is apparent that Microsoft has some work to do.

A report published by Venture Beat suggests that Microsoft is fighting an uphill battle since most game developers have put their eggs in the Android and iOS basket. Stretching their resources to accommodate a Windows Phone play would require financial backing and a willingness to take a substantial risk that is rare in today's economic environment.

Google recently confirmed that Android Market now holds more than 700,000 apps, while Apple's App Store currently has 711,000 active apps. WP7 Applist estimates the apps available for Windows Phone at about 94,200, which is less than the number of games in the Apple App Store alone - 128,060.

Venture Beat quoted the CEO of PlayFirst who said that Windows Phone 8 is not in the company's "near term plans". This sentiment appears to be present among most top app developers. Of course, WP8 is not shut out, but the OS will have to achieve much greater interest among consumers to generate serious interest among developers.

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