Blue Screen of Death Goes Black for Windows 8

Ah, the Blue Screen of Death has been a part of the Windows computing experience since the old days of 3.x, surviving today still in Windows 7. There are early signs, though, that Windows 8 could do away with them forever.

Of course, Windows 8 should be the most stable of them all whenever it's released, meaning that users should see fewer crashes than ever. On the chance that they do, it could be a black screen instead of that iconic blue screen.

A forum member on MyDigitalLife noted a new sort of error screen in an unfinished version of Windows 8 that looks like this:

WinRumors noted that it's not unheard of for Microsoft to change the colors of its error screens in the final release. For example, Window Vista beta versions had a red screen of death, which eventually reverted back to blue on the final release.

In any case, the BSoD will still be a BSoD.

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  • Anonymous
  • irish_adam
    "Of course, Windows 8 should be the most stable of them all whenever it's released"

    >_> yeah right just like ME should have been more stable than 98?

    anyway every operating system has problems when its first released, i remember XP wasnt that great when it first came out and i stuck with 98 until service pack 1
  • bejabbers
    As long as the black screen contains the same information as the blue screen, then it doesn't matter. Only computer idiots hate the BSOD, people who know what they're doing rely on it to figure out what's causing the system failure.