Leaked Video Shows Windows 8 Metro UI Login

Earlier this week we heard about a leaked version of Windows 8. Now we have another peek at a newer version.

The leak is 7850, and now a video of 7955 has hit the internet. There aren't any big drastic changes to be seen yet, but it does offer another look at the new login screen (which was not an April Fool's Day joke) as well as animated profile pictures.

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  • joytech22
    It looks EXACTLY like Windows 7, so they're going to give it a facelift and call it Windows 8?

    That's like putting a different blanket over a bed and saying you have a new bed!

    I sure do hope they add some fantastic features to it, no matter what I'll always be curious about any kind of new OS or hardware hitting the market.
  • proxy711
    I think MS is taking a page out of apples hand book with future OS "upgrades/updates".

    So really Win8 is really more like a win7.1 update like mac OSX.
  • Darkerson
    Of course it looks like 7. They are still in the early stages of beta. It probably wont start looking significantly different until they are further along with development. Same thing happened with 7. It looked like Vista's twin for the longest time, until they go further along.