Win releases Pentium M-based fanless industrial computer

Your average computer wouldn't last too long in a harsh industrial or military environment. Moving parts can get gummed up by dust and loud fans are not appreciated in already noisy places. Win Enterprises today released a fanless industrial computer, the PL-06058, that is powered by Intel Pentium M LV (low-voltage) or Celeron M ULV (ultra low-voltage) processors.

The computer can have up to one GByte of RAM and has an IDE interface, 10/100 Ethernet port, CompactFlash socket and four Serial Ports. While four serial ports may seem like over-kill, the United States military still has much of its electronic gear with the old-fashioned port.

John Hill, Marketing Manager for WIN Enterprises, told TG Daily that the lack of ambient noise from the unit is the main selling point to industrial and military customers. Electrical noise is also a concern for some customers as it can interfere with test equipment and audio gear. The fanless computer will put out less electrical noise than a comparable fan-equipped computer.

Exact pricing for the PL-06058 has not been determined yet.