Wireless users more web savvy than wired ones, says study

A European study of over 1,500 people from the EIAA shows that wireless internet users are far more engaged online than their wired counterparts, spending over six hours more online per week.

While online the study shows that 37% wireless users regularly visit social networking sites, a third create and share their own content and 33% of wireless users contribute reviews and ratings to websites. The 25-44 year old wireless user group will, on average, spend 17.8 hours online versus 12.9 hours watching television.

83% of this user group regularly use news websites (compared to 66% of average internet users of the same age), 79% use banking and finance sites (compared to 55%) and 70% use technology sites (compared to 43%); with 39% saying that they use the internet to look into jobs and recruiting sites online.

The ability to browse the internet on the go via PDA's, Smartphones and by using wireless hotspots at home and on the go to access the internet via a laptop is cited as the main reason that wireless users tend to spend more time online.