Supermicro Highlights its Latest X9 SuperServers at GTC 2012

Supermicro's new GPU solutions support Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors and feature memory capacity up to 256 GB for servers and 512 GB in workstations, higher performance I/O and connectivity with PCI-E 3.0, 10GbE and 4x QDR (40Gb) InfiniBand support (GPU SuperBlade), as well as innovative energy efficient power saving technologies.

Supermicro X9 solutions feature the highest density GPU computing available in today's market. The non-blocking architecture supports 4 GPUs per 1U in a standard, short depth 32” rack chassis. The SuperBlade can fit 30 GPUs in 7U-. Combined with the latest GPUs based on NVIDIA Kepler architecture, the X9 platform offers industry professionals one of the most powerful, accelerated and ‘green’ computing solutions available on the market.

Supermicro's new X9 solutions include the 1027GR-TQF, 2027GR-TRF, SBI-7127RG and 7047GR-TRF systems. The 1027GR-TQF offering up to 4 double-width GPUs in 1U for maximum compute density in a compact 32” short depth, standard rack mount format. The 2U 2027GR-TRF supports up to 6 GPUs and is ideal for scalable, high performance computing clusters in scientific research fields. In addition, there is a 2027GR-TRFT model available supporting dual-port 10GBase-T for increased bandwidth and reduced latency. The GPU SuperBlade SBI-7127RG packs on of the industry’s highest compute density of 30 GPUs in 7U delivering ultimate processing performance, for applications such as oil and gas exploration.

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The 7047GR-TRF is Supermicro’s latest high-end, enterprise-class X9 SuperWorkstation, with NVIDIA Maximus certification. This system accelerates design and visualization tasks with an NVIDIA Quadro GPU, while providing dedicated processing power for simultaneous compute intensive tasks such as simulation and rendering with up to four NVIDIA Tesla C2075 GPUs. The upcoming 7047GR-TPRF SuperWorkstation supports passively cooled GPUs making it ideal for high performance trading (HPT) applications. X9 systems feature dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 family processors, maximized memory and non-blocking native PCI-E 3.0 configurations along with redundant Platinum level high-efficiency (94%+) power supplies.


For a complete look at Supermicro’s extensive line of high performance, high efficiency GPU solutions, visit or go to to keep up with Supermicro’s evolving line of NVIDIA Maximus powered SuperWorkstations.

  • dogman_1234
    *pulls out checkbook*

    F@H server anyone? Seriously, looks good. Maybe might convince my back account to give me one! Maybe sell resources on it!

    Just a thought.
  • archange
    Supermicro has solid servers. I'm running four of them at my workplace (thanks Tom's) and never had any issues.
  • glenricky
    But, can it play "that" game
  • phialsquiz
    Lol..They can't even keep their own network up more than a week... Irony!
  • warezme
    They should have used something high end to calculate the Japan tsunami debris field. The simulation they show on the news is pretty but way to fractal looking and doesn't appear to follow any consistent currents. They estimated there wouldn't be any debris in N. America until 2013 - 2014 and whop there it is, already.