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Xbox One Remote Gives You Single-handed Media Control

Microsoft last week announced a brand new official Xbox One stereo headset and adapter; it looks like the company is following it up with another accessory for Xbox users.

The company today revealed a media remote, which is due out in early March. For users of the Xbox 360's media remote, this is going to look somewhat familiar. Though you can control media on your Xbox One with the regular Xbox controller, those who prefer an actual remote have an option in the Media Remote, which has dedicated Back and OneGuide buttons.

The Xbox One Media Remote differs from its predecessor in that it has significantly fewer buttons. As a result, the whole thing is smaller, presenting itself in a shorter, stumpier package with glossy black finish to match the look of your brand new Xbox One.

While the addition of this remote isn't a huge deal for gamers, Microsoft is pitching the Xbox One as an all-in-one media center as well as a gaming machine, so it's important that the company caters to those using the Xbox in their house for things other than gaming. Up until now, those people have been forced to make do with the controller (ridiculous as it may seem, the old Media Remote doesn't work with the Xbox One). 

The remote will retail for $24.99 when it does go on sale. No word on international pricing just yet.

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