Xbox One Can't Stand Vertically Due to Disc Drive

Microsoft has clarified that the Xbox One isn't suited to being placed on its side. If you do an image search for the Xbox One, you'll find that all you'll see are Microsoft's next-gen console positioned horizontally – like most set top boxes. Placing a games console on its side – like many desktop towers – has been popular since the PlayStation 2, and is an accepted way to position an Xbox 360.

According to Albert Panello, senior director of Xbox product management, the Xbox One won't support a vertical orientation due to its slot-loading disc drive.

"We don't support vertical orientation; do it at your own risk," Panello told GameSpot.

Panello clarified that it wasn't a cooling design issue, saying, "it wouldn't be a cooling problem, we just didn't design the drive for vertical. Because it's a slot loading drive, we just didn't design it for both."

It's unclear why a slot-loading disc drive would prevent a vertical orientation; early versions of the PS3 and the upcoming PS4 have slot-loaded drives and appear to operate fine vertically.

After the quality issues surrounding the earlier models of the Xbox 360, it's no surprise that Microsoft is taking special care of the Xbox One. The company said that the Xbox One will be able to adjust itself to avoid overheating and is confident that it won't be having any quality issues.

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Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • Avus
    buy digital copies... problem solved...
  • Amdlova
    3 rod of death, you can't get this on tower mod... so who buys this will have alot of problem... i will wait to see... and laught HARD.
  • hakesterman
    I Think i have bought my last Console. I have three 360's so i should be set for a long time. I have a high end PC so that will keep me busy as well.
  • mcd023
    11570800 said:
    buy digital copies... problem solved...

    I thought that MS gave up on that after all of the fuss over check ins. Are they still doing the digital downloads?
  • stevejnb
    mcd, they already do digital copies with the 360. Even if their XB1 policies change for how they handle them, it's extremely unlikely that they'll outright get rid of them.
  • de5_Roy
    so... the gist of what microsoft is saying that their XBone(R) console can't get it up and they're making limp excuses. all in one pcs have vertically oriented slot loading o.d.d.
  • skyline100
    I'm not too sure which console will I go for. PS4 is more powerful but the kinect on XB is a big deal for me.
  • mobrocket
    Sony should do another video making fun of this like they did about the sharing games with friends

  • sean1357
    Crap... I will stick with my PC gaming or get PS4 and then add water cooler...

    Dual Xeon, Quad SLI, 256GB RAM, 6TB SSD, with 60" TV....
  • aredeecee
    I'm sorry but thats just ghetto right there. It's going to be 2014 and this is what Micro$oft brings to the table?