Xbox Series X and S Now Support Dolby Vision

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(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X and S now support Dolby Vision for gaming. Dolby Vision will unlock higher visual fidelity in games thanks to its implementation of HDR, and it will work on thousands of classic HDR10 and auto HDR titles.

Dolby Vision is a new proprietary HDR standard that's capable of displaying 12-bit colors for improved color accuracy and image quality. Dolby Vision HDR also features dynamic color and brightness, which should improve color quality and contrast.

When connected to a compatible TV, Dolby Vision will be applicable to almost all HDR-compatible games on the Xbox Series X and S. That's important as it means the existing library of games that use HDR10 and auto HDR technology can still benefit from Dolby Vision within Xbox  X and S, alongside Xbox series optimized titles.

Naturally, you'll need a Dolby Vision enabled TV to use this, and you need to enable automatic low latency mode (ALLM) or variable refresh rate to take advantage of the technology. Microsoft says most 2020 and 2021 TVs along a few older TVs already have support for Dolby Vision's enhanced gaming features.

If your new TV does not have all the latest Dolby Vision features unlocked, don't worry. Microsoft and Dolby are working with TV manufacturers to enable as many Dolby Vision TVs as possible. The full list of TVs that support the feature is available on the Xbox Dolby Vision page.

Aaron Klotz
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