New XGI Reactor v1.05 Drivers

XGI released a new driver for Volari based graphic cards.

XGI released a new driver for Volari based graphic cards. The new version comes with a couple of improvements and new features and was tested on more than 300 games. Here's the official press release:

Taipei - July 19, 2004 - XGI Technology Inc, an innovative graphics chipsets supplier, today released its latest Reactor V 1.05 driver and published a list of Compatible games for Volari family on the website.

Reactor V 1.05 driver supports Microsoft DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL 1.5 across all XGI Volari GPUs including Volari Duo, Volari V8/V8 Ultra and Volari V5. The following features are included in the latest Reactor driver suite:

-PowerManager provides real-time GPU temperature detection and monitoring

-DesktoPlus generates multiple user desktop for multi-tasking applications

-Rotech, standing for "Rotational Technology", powers up the hardware support for highest quality monitor rotation

-With Navigator from Volari's Virtual Screen, it sets free the limits of a smaller monitor size and lets the users to zoom in the areas they want to look at.

- OpenGL 1.5 optimization and support

- Supports 1080i/720p HDTV specification

To download the latest drivers, go to:
XGI published a list of over 300 compatible games including Far Cry, Unreal Tournament 2004, Splinter Cell on the website. All games were tested on Volari series GPU with the most recent version of driver. In order to provide ultimate visual gaming experiences to gamers, XGI has devoted itself to working closely with game developers. Users can frequently check the list and explore stunning new worlds of cinematic game play with Volari GPUs.

To see the list of Compatible Games, please go to: