Zowie Announces its Slightly-Bigger FK1 Gaming Mouse

Zowie has introduced a new mouse – the FK1. This mouse is an evolution of the original FK mouse, with the biggest difference being its size and sensor. The FK1 is a little bit bigger and comes with a higher-DPI sensor.

The mouse is now one millimeter taller, four millimeters longer, and two to three millimeters wider. It's not a big difference, but according to Zowie there was demand for it. The mouse is intended to be used with a claw grip, though we reckon using it with a palm grip is also possible. Also updated is the sensor, where the mouse now comes equipped with an Avago 3310 optical sensor with a 3200 DPI rating.

Beyond that, the mouse is still ambidextrous and comes with two thumb buttons on both sides. It has a 1000 Hz USB polling rate, and a lower lift-off distance of no more than 1.8 mm. A lower lift-off distance is useful because if the lift-off distance is too high, moving the mouse over the tracking surface will still actuate the sensor, resulting in uncontrolled motion.

It is unclear how much the mouse will cost, but it will be available around the start of July in most Zowie-carrying shops.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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