AMD Anti-Lag 2 sees production launch with latest drivers — FSR 3.1 also arrives for more games

AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition Graphics Driver Update
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AMD has launched its Adrenalin Software Edition 24.6.1 drivers, which include the official production launch of Radeon Anti-Lag 2 and several new games with FSR 3.1 support. A handful of Sony games on PC and Counter-Strike 2 will receive some exciting performance boosts for those using one of AMD's best graphics cards. Both technologies will be tasked to game developers to implement going forward.

AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR)'s version 3.1, first announced at GDC 2024, has now been enabled in six games: God of War Ragnarök, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut, Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. FSR 3.1 advertises 3.3x higher frame rates on RX 7000 series GPUs at 4K or 1440p thanks to FSR's upscaling combined with frame generation. FSR 3.1 framegen can also be combined with other image upscalers like Nvidia DLSS, or kept on at full resolution for its frame generation feature alone.  The 3.1 update also brings general improvements to FSR's image quality over previous releases, removing ghosting effects associated with FSR 2.2.

FSR 3.1 support for developers is soon to come as well. While the current list of six supported games is low — and they're all ports of Sony PS5 games — the latest list now consists of 60 games with FSR 3 support, and the FSR 3.1 SDK is expected to be released on GPUOpen, AMD's developer portal, in July. FSR 3.1 will be up to game developers to implement, but AMD and its partners will be badgering hard for increased FSR 3 and 3.1 support.

Speaking of developer-end integration, Radeon Anti-Lag 2 has also arrived in full with 24.6.1. After a successful technical preview, Counter-Strike 2 now offers full support of the new and improved Anti-Lag 2. Anti-Lag 2 reduces input lag on any RDNA-based discrete or integrated graphics, stretching back to RX 5000 series cards. It will be turned on be default in Counter-Strike 2, with AMD claiming 37% decreases in latency on compatible hardware.

The launch is hoped to be a success after Anti-Lag+'s failure, which resulted in gamers receiving VAC bans from Counter-Strike for suspected cheating when Anti-Lag+ inserted code into the game runtime to improve input latency times. Anti-Lag 2 will be up to game developers to integrate as a result, hopefully avoiding VAC bans for innocent gamers. Future Anti-Lag 2 compatible games will be announced soon.

A full list of new features in the update, including specialized tuning crafted for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Overwatch 2, and other new releases, can be found in AMD's release notes, along with the download link for compatible AMD graphics processors.

Dallin Grimm
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  • setx
    No one cares about Anti-Lag 2 or any "new feature" when basic functionality is broken.

    AMD should be fixing basic bugs, not writing optimizations for few games.
  • nightbird321
    This is unfortunately true, keep trying AMD GPUs because I like AMD better, and end up returning them because of game glitches I don't experience with Nvidia. Still enjoying my 7950X3D though, luckily Intel doesn't execute better.
  • Makaveli
    was playing CS2 last night with Anti lag 2 on its a decent improvement.

    I also tested out FSR 3.1 in Spiderman remastered it looks better than the previous version however I still has alot ot texture shimmer if you compare it to XeSS or DLSS.

    Thankfully i'm someone that plays at native and doesn't use upscaling at all so a none issue for me.
  • Mpablo87
    Huge bugs make Antilag useless ! ! !
  • SlowReactionDad
    Admin said:
    AMD has released its Adrenalin Edition 24.6.1 drivers, including expanded support for FSR 3.1, the production launch of Radeon Anti-Lag 2 in Counter-Strike 2, and a few other features.

    AMD Anti-Lag 2 sees production launch with latest drivers — FSR 3.1 also arrives for more games : Read more
  • SlowReactionDad
    New driver is rubbish, I had to roll back to my old one to stop games stuttering. I have the 7900xt 24GB