Nvidia app beta offers warranty-safe GPU tuning and improved stream recording

Nvidia app beta
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia will soon release a new beta version of its app, heralded to deliver enhanced AV1 recording and one-click performance tuning. The initial beta release of the Nvidia app came out in February 2024, and the new build will roll out tomorrow (June 4, 2024, at 3am PT).

The app already helps keep your PC drivers for Nvidia GeForce cards up-to-date. However,  it will soon allow one-click GPU optimizations that won’t void your warranty, and will facilitate faster and higher-resolution gameplay recording. In the new app beta, users will be able to record gameplay in 120 frame-per-second AV1 SDR and HDR formats.

On RTX 40 Series graphics cards and laptop GPUs, the update improves encoding efficiency by 40%, allowing for higher-quality videos without sacrificing extra disk space. This is important because recording multiplayer matches and single-player walkthroughs can otherwise consume a vast amount of storage space.

At the same time, playback of 120 fps AV1 videos is substantially better than with H.264. It allows for smoother, more immersive playback at the same bit rates as compared to H.264 captures.

The updated beta also allows owners of RTX desktop graphics cards to monitor and make the most of their GPUs with one-click automatic tuning. The app scans system performance characteristics and then offers tuning profiles that maximize performance without the risk of damaging your GPU or voiding its warranty. This is an important change, as enthusiasts like to tune their GPUs but are naturally wary of warranty repercussions.

Nvidia's new beta app version will also introduce a redesigned in-game overlay and offer new perks for app users. Nvidia app users will be able to redeem three months of access to Microsoft PC Game Pass for free, beginning June 4, at 6am PT.

For those who have already installed the Nvidia app public beta, the new version should be available through the in-app updater as of June 4, at 3am PT. It will also be updated on the app’s website, for gamers and creators not yet running the software.

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  • Lucky_SLS
    Interested to see how much of an OC the app will eek out. I will definitely be comparing the OC headroom with my manual tuning!