25 Years Of Graphics History: A Farewell To ATI, In Pictures

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  • tacoslave
    I guess it makes the whole fusion thing a little less confusing for those not in the know.
  • clownbaby
    I like the retrospect. Brings back a lot of fond memories.
  • sideshowbob32
    Ha brings back a few memory's i still have a ATI 9600 in my part stash, and my 4890s still perform grate in CF. But will miss having a ATI logo
  • joelmartinez
    my only ati card: 5850
  • eklipz330
    my list of ati cards

    7200 se
    9600 pro
    x800 xl
    2x hd 2900xt
    hd 4850

    none of them failed

    not a fanboy... just a fan of quality products

    ...i'll still mumble ati before reading radeon...
  • Time and tide wait for no man... Stronger survives
  • longshotthe1st
    8mb Rage2
    64mb 7200
    128mb 9600
    1gb 5850 (couple nvidia in between)
  • Nintendork
    And HD5970 strill reign supreme as the macho alfa. HD6990, pronto.
  • NuclearShadow
    Farewell ATI while you've been owned by AMD for sometime now it was always nice to at-least see the name. I'm a lucky one that can remember those earliest products. Sleep well old friend.
  • agnickolov
    Interesting how ATI's probably biggest success against nVidia wasn't even mentioned - Radeon 9700 Pro. That card completely obliterated its GeForce FX 5800 competitor and was superior even to the GeForce FX 5900 successor! At least its 9800 Pro successor is there...
  • bbruzzes
    Good retrospective, but why no mention of the 9700 pro? That card helped start the GPU wars with Nvidia when it crushed the Geforce 4, it was the first to support DirectX 9, and it was the first card to require additional beyond the slot itself, something of which we now take for granted.
  • bbruzzes
    bbruzzesGood retrospective, but why no mention of the 9700 pro? That card helped start the GPU wars with Nvidia when it crushed the Geforce 4, it was the first to support DirectX 9, and it was the first card to require additional power beyond the slot itself, something of which we now take for granted.
  • reichscythe
    9500 PRO - replaced a Creative Annihilator GeForce 2MX...
    X800XT All-In-Wonder
    X1950 PRO
    HD 3870
    HD 4870
    HD 6870
  • mesosok
    ATI graphics CARDS me to is used. But feel ATI graphics CARDS or good.
  • thomaseron
    "Of course, as we recently saw, the Radeon HD 6900-series cards followed up by making AMD's architecture more efficient. And the Radeon HD 6990 should be here soon to demonstrate what a dual-GPU version of the Cayman family can do."

    Until then, the 5970 will still be the fastest graphics card on the planet!
  • How could you omit the original All-in-Wonder, the all-in-wonder pro, and the ATI graphics ultra pro EISA?
  • James296
    althrough I've only just got a ati card(3 months old) and have had no problems with the card compared to Nvidia cards I've had in the past T.T it's been performing (above &) beyond what I thought the little guy could do, not to mention it's giving my ( 3ghz triple-core) cpu a run for it's money !O.o! (meaning it's close to having my cpu be the bottleneck). anyway... Good bye ATI, I shall miss thee
  • reprotected
    First discrete card from ATI (and still using): HD4830. It sucks. Resolution problem. Driver issues.
  • compton
    Maybe AMD should have renamed itself ATI, and drop the AMD moniker instead. The Radeons have never been better, but AMD's CPU lineup is in many ways two generations behind Intel. If Bulldozer doesn't make some big waves soon, the AMD name might be MUD. Since their new Atom competitor's strongest feature is it's onboard graphics, it might well have made more sense to brand them with ATI. Just a thought from someone who was really into AMD with their Phenom/Athlon II introduction, and now feels like I'm using a slingshot compared to Sandy Bridge. While nVidia and ATI both had their respective issues, both have achieved a sort of parity in terms of performance and price, especially in the midrange. The same can't really be said of AMD's cpu portfolio. Maybe they've got the funk hidden away, waiting to unleash it on the world like the next super virus. Or maybe they don't have a clue. Only time will tell, but right now time is telling me Bulldozer can't come soon enough. AMD, if I'm wrong, feel free to tell me.
  • aetius757
    Had a 9500pro hacked to 9700 levels (128bit of course) It was better than the 9600pro that followed. Also the 850 bested the 6800 not the FX5800/5900 series. Those cards were beat by the 9700Pro and the 9800Pro. Still liked the Nvidia cards better due to driver issues with the ATI's I had.
  • Boxtop5000
    My first graphics card was an ATI Radeon 9200 PCI graphics card, that my parents got me for my 16th-17th birthday. Wasn't any better than the Intel IGP on my HP Pavilion's motherboard, and choked to death on Half-Life 2, but it still brings back fond memories.

    Looking forward to buying the Radeon HD 6850 for my new build.
  • iam2thecrowe
    my first 3d card was nvidia riva 128. After that was going to buy a rage fury maxx, but opted for the geforce 2 mx. I then went to ATI for the 8500 and after that 9800xt both of which i still have stashed away. Never had a driver issue either, don't know what you others are talking about. Good times.
  • I will always remember ATI cards I have owned very fondly. I don't personally know if I had any of the cards before the Mach32, but I had the Mach32, Mach64, Rage 3D, Radeon 8500LE, Radeon 9500Pro, Radeon x800XL, HD3850, and now a HD5850. Some of these cards are even still kicking around in a box somewhere. Only card I ever had a problem with was the 8500LE, the fan went.

    Only thing I can say about the article is, where was the mention about the 9700Pro card??? This is the card that finaly put Nvidia in it's place. ATI's stock at that time went from about $9 a share to over $21 a share at that time...
  • DjEaZy
    ... Rage2 ...
    ... nVidia ...
    ... HD3870 ...
    ... HD4870 ...
    ... HD5870 ...