In Pictures: A History Of Computer RPGs

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  • Quite a jump there...Baldur’s Gate to Dragon Age: Origins?
  • odaiwai
  • godfather666
    Nice, never played any of the games before Dragon Age. might check out Baldur's Gate enhanced edition.
  • bystander
    nk102Quite a jump there...Baldur’s Gate to Dragon Age: Origins?

    I was about to write the same thing.
  • yialanliu
    How do we jump from 1998 to 2009? There were definitely games taht were good in that time period...
  • buzznut
    Where's dungeon hack??
  • agnickolov
    Huge gap from 1998 to 2009... I'd put Diablo II on its own in that timeframe, but that might be just me... It was significantly more advanced in game play compared to Diablo and in fact most other action RPGs to stand alone on a hilltop... Even the new Diablo 3 yet to be released seems to pale compared to it (at least according to impressions from the Diablo 3 Beta).
  • sideshowbob32
    what about Morrowind
  • Horhe
    No Gothic? No Witcher?
  • killerclick
    No Morrowind, no Oblivion, no KOTOR, no NWN, no Mass Effect... no Might and Magic? Stupid list.
  • s3anister
    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was the defining video game of my adolescence and it's not listed?

    It feels like you're missing a few between numbers 15 and 16...
  • What about Dungeon Master ? My DOS favourite for several years
    Wow, just wrong on so many levels

    Dungeon Siege needed to be on there.
    1st RPG game to never have a loading screen, and it also had the whole "dumbed down for causal retards" leveling mechanics designers seem to be implementing only now... this game came out a decade ago.
    Infact, the only thing Diablo III is, is an improved version of Dungeon Siege II.

    Also, Darkstone needed to be on the list, as the 1st 3D action RPG.

    Let's not forget PlaneScape Torment, that thing was pretty much a novel with graphical exploration and combat.

    There is also the old Crescent Hawk Battle Tech RPG.., Plot your orders, and then watch the battle unfold in real-time. That definitely needed to be on there, with the whole salvaging enemies, upgrading mechs etc...

    These things I mention brought to the table by these RPGs are important.

    You didn't even scratch into the non-fantasy RPGs like Auto-Duel, Twilight 2000 and StarFlight

  • bloodlover
    Whoever made this list need to play more RPGs
  • LordConrad
    No mention of Zork???

    I know I'm showing my age, but Zork I & II were the first RPGs I ever played.
  • acerace
    We have tried to include games that made a big contribution to the development of the genre. Sadly, our original list included more than 30 games, so we had to make some hard choices, and not everybody's favorite will be on the list.

    Looks like someone doesn't read the whole article. :ange:
  • dreadlokz
    HOLY SHEEP! RPG is older then me! =O
    Ultima VII looks like Tibia! kkkkk
    Elder Scrolls ownz and will be hard to beat it!
  • chumly
    How in the hell are you not going to mention Everquest or World of Warcraft? mmoRPG's not represented at all.

    ...or LORD on BBS.
  • thezooloomaster
    Planescape Torment!!! Never forget...
  • siege_templar
    love how it says diablo 3 to be released soon... assuming it is gonna be further delayed lol.
  • dormantreign
    I agree, this is a bad/unfinished list. Seems rushed.
  • Darkerson
    This comes off more as the author's personal playlist. There are so many gaps in there. Almost too painful to look at...and then there is the whole zipping from 1998 to I guess nothing good came out between then, huh?
  • punk4evr
    Yeas, I was gonna Say, Zork, Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Kings Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suite Larry, Eric the Unready. There are several more, but Can't think at the moment. Oooo.... Sam and Max hit the road was great to. I thought that LGOP was Epic in the full talkie version!
  • opmopadop
    I can blame Ultima 7 for ruining my hi-shcool results, Im glad it got mentioned. (What ever happened to you Lord British?)