In Pictures: Research Lab Projects And Future Tech

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David Civera

Responsable actualités. Né aux États-Unis, élevé en France et à Singapour, adopté par les Philippines, et maintenant posé au Canada (pour l'instant), son amour du Monde n'est égalé que par sa passion pour les micro-architectures, les dernières trouvailles des labos ou les jeux sur consoles. Rédacteur Tom's Hardware France (anciennement Présence-PC) depuis 2005.

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  • Spencer Castillo
    I think i saw one of these kiss machine in The Big bang theory.
  • Someone Somewhere
    90% of this is utter rubbish...
    Do all scientists and professors use old PCs ? At the " A Self-Replicating Printer " and " Remote-Control Bionic Arm" page, you can clearly see the old fat monitors and classic white keyboards.
    SG was featured twice :D
  • a-nano-moose
    will the Kissener 3.0 include a tongue?
  • bystander
    I think i saw one of these kiss machine in The Big bang theory.

    Yeah, I saw that one. Wollowitz was going to town with Kuthrapoly
  • g-unit1111
    Tony Stark already had transparent smart phones and laptops in the Avengers. We're behind the times! :lol:
    From the many movies such as THE MATRIX and TERMINATOR , we all know that one day, the machines would take over...
  • kato128
    Transparent aluminium has been around for a while. Ever heard of alon?
  • pepe2907
    Soon I am going to get my tattoos upgraded with the new 1.4 nm Core iv2 tech coming with the new dGraphics v4 synapse :)
  • rolli59
    Just imagine all the stuff they have not invented yet!
  • cemerian
    there should have been atleast a mention about how researchers finally managed to stop light(no small feat since it was believed impossible prior to this) which opens the door to lightsaber creation in future
  • RCguitarist
    So with the touch control clothing, what will my computer or car do if I rub my nipples?