In Pictures: Tom's Hardware At NAB Show 2013

The AbelCine Booth

This year, several vendors set up scenes with actors, props, and professional lighting so that attendees could test the equipment. AbelCine demonstrated its HDx35 B4/PL optical adapter, which enables B4-mount 2/3" HD video lenses to work with most 35 mm-format large-sensor cameras.

ARRI And Canon Team Up

Canon's EOS C500 4K DSLR camera was in several booths this year, demonstrating a variety of products that work with it. One such collaboration was with ARRI, which had its 30-80 Alura Zoom lens attached to the C500. The Canon EOS C500 sells for $25,999.

The Supertechno Booth

Supertechno's Technodolly can be used by film crews to create movements of unlimited length and complexity. The DP sets the camera at the various points along the shoot and the Technodolly remembers the moves. It operates in an area as big as 25 feet wide, 15 feet high, and 80 feet long.

The SmallHD Booth

External monitors have made a big difference in the quality of shots, helping to achieve sharper focus and better shot framing. Even better, prices are coming down while specs just keep getting better. SmallHD's AC-OLED is a 7.7", 8-bit, 720p monitor with HDMI, composite, and YPbPr connections. The AC-OLED retails for $1,099.

The Intel Booth

Intel had a large booth at NAB Show 2013 for demonstrating its Thunderbolt technology. Inside the giant display was a stage for ongoing interviews and demonstrations. The parameter of the booth was lined with show systems from various vendors whose products incorporate Thunderbolt technology.

The ATTO Booth

ATTO was also in attendance at this year's NAB Show, demonstrating a variety of technologies, including its soon-to-be released 12 Gb/s RAID.

The Lowell Booth

We're big fans of LED lighting, but the pro-grade stuff is still quite expensive. So, based on a recommendation from an expert at the Lowell booth, we're swapping our 600 W bulbs for 300 W instead.

The VariZoom Booth

VariZoom's Stealthy is a great little product that can quickly transform into a wide variety of camera supports. If you can stomach the dubstep background music, the film clip on VariZoom's site explains this product perfectly.

The Atomos Booth

At this year's NAB Show, Atomos demonstrated its Samurai field monitor/hard disk recorder. The device records 10-bit, 4:2:2 ProRes or DNxHD, and has a five-inch 720p screen.

Back To The Nikon Booth

Nikon built an elaborate set for those looking to test out the video capabilities of its D4 DSLR, a 16.2 MP camera that was developed to work in low light.

  • dingo07
    It's not Verizoom - it's VariZoom!
    nice pics
  • d_kuhn
    The RED upgrade is from the 5K Mysterium-X to the 6K Dragon... a serious camera in either trim. I"ve an Epic M Monochrome ordered... it should be arriving this week. (Mysterium-X sadly since the Dragon's not available on the Mono cameras yet)
  • JonnyDough
    Film-making related photos. Pictures of CAMERAS. This appeals to a very select group of people on Tom's. I don't even know what NAB stands for, North American B...?
  • ithurtswhenipee
    Picture #22. Not the same girl from a million feet away.