In Pictures: Tom's Hardware At NAB Show 2013

90 Years Of Content, Coming To Life

Earlier this month, we made it out to the 90th NAB Show in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. For those of you not familiar with this one, the National Association of Broadcasters has been hosting this trade show annually since 1923. Milestones include the very first HDTV broadcast back in 1996. From cameras and lighting, to audio consoles and software, the modern NAB Show is absolutely brimming with tech companies that have anything to do with every kind of media production. Join us as we take a retrospective look around the show floor and check out what the vendors were displaying in their booths this year.

The Nikon Booth

Setting the tone for the 2013 NAB Show, we're kicking this tour off with a camera vendor. Nikon unveiled an 80-400 f4.5-5.6 Nikkor lens that weighs in at 56 ounces, with the tripod collar. While that's a little heavier than the company's previous model, the new version is much sharper.

The RED Booth

RED announced an upgrade program to its Dragon sensors at NAB Show 2013. The company even brought part of its manufacturing plant to the booth to perform upgrades on-site.

The Tascam Booth

Tascam introduced its DR-60D, a recording device developed for filmmakers and videographers using DSLRs. It's a four-track solid state recorder with two 1/4" XLR inputs that supply +48 V phantom power.

The Yamaha Booth

Yamaha's new CL5 console can network with up to eight I/O racks, which can then be connected to any switch on the network.

The ARRI Booth

With so many camera vendors in attendance, lighting is naturally a big part of NAB Show as well. ARRI's 1,000 Hz high-speed blasts help to create flicker-free images, even at frame rates of 1,000 FPS.

The DJI Booth

Let's take a quick break from all of the pro-grade stuff and check out something that's equally-cool for everyone. DJI's Phantom was one of many drones on display at NAB. You can control this quadrocopter from up to 300 feet away, and even with a GoPro camera, the Phantom boasts a flight time of up to 15 minutes.

The Sony Booth

Sony had two new 4K cameras at NAB Show 2013: the F5 and the F55. The F55 is the one on the left with a black ring, while the silver-ringed F5 is on the right.

The Gates Booth

This is a Gates underwater housing for Sony's new F5 and F55 cameras. The main housing shell has an eight-inch port on the front. Up top is an external monitor for frame and focus.

The Edelkrone Booth

While DSLRs are gaining in popularity for use in filming, the awkwardness of the DSLR form factor remains a challenge. Seeking a solution to this problem, Edelkrone brought several variations of its Modula system to the show.

The Canon Booth

The Canon 14.5-60 mm 4.1x cinema zoom lens is designed for cameras with an APS-C or Super 35-equivalent sensor and a PL mount. It's a very fast T2.6 through the entire range, and the company is asking $42,750 for the new lens.

  • dingo07
    It's not Verizoom - it's VariZoom!
    nice pics
  • d_kuhn
    The RED upgrade is from the 5K Mysterium-X to the 6K Dragon... a serious camera in either trim. I"ve an Epic M Monochrome ordered... it should be arriving this week. (Mysterium-X sadly since the Dragon's not available on the Mono cameras yet)
  • JonnyDough
    Film-making related photos. Pictures of CAMERAS. This appeals to a very select group of people on Tom's. I don't even know what NAB stands for, North American B...?
  • ithurtswhenipee
    Picture #22. Not the same girl from a million feet away.