In Pictures: Tom's Hardware At NAB Show 2013

Green Screens Galore

Several vendors were displaying green screen systems at a wide variety of price points. Since most of the demonstrations featured attractive models, they were worth checking out.

The Kessler Booth

Kessler's CineDrive is the poor man's answer to Supertechno's massive Technodolly. The CineDrive uses key frames to program tilts, pans, zooms, and focus, giving filmmakers an opportunity to take their projects to the next level.

The Red Rock Micro Booth

Red Rock Micro has developed an extensive line of cinema accessories. We added up the cost of the individual components, and the price of the system pictured here came to over $7,000.

The Aberdeen Booth

Remember our story What Does One Petabyte Of Storage (And $500K) Look Like?Aberdeen Computers invited several of its customers to share its booth at NAB this year. With today's digital media, storage has become a major issue with content creators, and Aberdeen's rack system drew a whole lot of interest from attendees.

That's A Wrap!

Looks like it was a good show this year. NAB reports that it had over 90,000 attendees from 151 countries, and more than 1,600 exhibitors. Until next year, mahalo!

  • dingo07
    It's not Verizoom - it's VariZoom!
    nice pics
  • d_kuhn
    The RED upgrade is from the 5K Mysterium-X to the 6K Dragon... a serious camera in either trim. I"ve an Epic M Monochrome ordered... it should be arriving this week. (Mysterium-X sadly since the Dragon's not available on the Mono cameras yet)
  • JonnyDough
    Film-making related photos. Pictures of CAMERAS. This appeals to a very select group of people on Tom's. I don't even know what NAB stands for, North American B...?
  • ithurtswhenipee
    Picture #22. Not the same girl from a million feet away.