Community Picks: Most Memorable PC Game Glitches

Community Picks: Most Memorable Glitches

No game is perfect in its presentation. Despite a development team’s best efforts to clean up the underlying code, a few bugs and glitches always make their way into the final build. Some of these errors make for hilarious moments during gameplay, but they’re just as often seen as nuisances that can easily make the experience unbearable. According to you, the Tom’s Hardware community, these are the most memorable glitches in PC gaming.

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16. ‘Cities: Skylines’ - Ship Glitch

When your city is large enough you can create a dock, which will bring cruise ships full of tourists to check out your massive metropolis. However, those visiting vessels don’t always behave as intended. When docked in port, some of these ocean liners might spin around in place. If you’re lucky, you might also spot a ship spawning in the middle of your city. That might give your citizens something to talk about while you figure out how to get rid of it.

15. ‘Watch Dogs 2’ - Golden Gate Bridge Selfie

Marcus Holloway’s adventures take him throughout San Francisco, which means that, at some point, you’ll stop by the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It’s difficult to reach the bridge’s highest point through conventional means, but you can use the in-game smartphone to help you reach it. By activating its selfie feature and walking backward up the support cables, you can reach the top in a matter of minutes.

14. ‘Final Fantasy XV’ - Prompto Riding

Noctis and his crew get around with the use of the Regalia car and chocobos. In both scenarios everyone is sitting down, but sometimes the photo-loving Prompto doesn’t want to sit down. Instead, he stands upright on the car seat or the chocobo saddle. It’s a funny sight, at first, but eventually you’ll tire of the glitchy hijinks.

13. ‘Mafia III’ - Speedboat

Just like the vessels in Cities: Skylines, some of the boats in Mafia III act in strange ways. Some might tumble endlessly in the water, while others take flight as they continue to gyrate violently. It’s not clear if you or your vehicle can be affected by coming into contact with the boats, so it’s best to watch the glitch from a safe distance.

12. ‘Dark Souls III’ - Rear End

One of the ways you can interact with other players (or enemies) is through emotes, and a select few of those can show something hilarious. If you wore a robe and used the bow or squat emotes, you can see your character's, um, hindquarters. Use this glitch to taunt allies and foes, or use it to create some funny poses for the Dark Souls community.

11. ‘The Sims 3’ - Creepy Baby

Congratulations! Your digital family has a new member. Unfortunately, the baby doesn’t have the same, um, genes as its parents. Due to a glitch in the system, it has multiple limbs that stretch out at weird angles. As it “walks” around the house, it looks less like a baby and more like something out of a horror film. At this point, you have no choice but to raise it, although you might want to restart your game to see if the devilish creature reverts to its human form.

10. ‘Resident Evil’ (2002 Remake) - Stretched-Out Characters

If the horrifying enemies of Resident Evil don’t creep you out enough, your first sight of this glitch might do the trick. In some cutscenes, characters end up stretched out to the point that you can’t see their whole body on the screen. This bug isn’t just restricted to their limbs, either. Different parts of a character’s body might jut out to block the view of a camera angle or an object of importance.

9. ‘Minecraft’ - Cat Fountain

In addition to building immense structures and fighting the undead, Minecraft also allows you to own some pets, such as cats. These felines will follow you, but they can also teleport to your location if you move too far away. With these rules in mind, you can create your very own “cat fountain.” After building a tall pillar (preferably one that is very high in the sky), you’ll have to create some space at the top for your cats to spawn near you. By finding the exact location in the air, you can have cats spawn from the pillar, then have them fall again to the ground as they attempt to get close to you in the sky.

8. ‘Dead Space 2’ - Dismembered Isaac

You can easily destroy Necromorphs by dismembering their limbs, but they can also do the same thing to you. However, at certain times, death by dismemberment doesn’t work on Isaac. In some situations, you might still be alive, despite the loss of both arms and legs. It doesn’t take long for the game’s system to realize the error, so be sure to snap a picture of it before you reload the last checkpoint.

7. ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ - General Glitches

Rockstar’s latest creation is full of content for solo or multiplayer gameplay throughout the massive world of San Andreas. However, any game on this grand a scale will have more than a few glitches peppering the experience. Notable examples? A duplicate version of a protagonist in the campaign, disappearing cars, and falling through the map.

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    Stronghold 3, on release the wolves could climb ladders. (amongst a million other bugs)
    How can you possibly compile a list of memorable game glitches and forget to include the Corrupted Blood plague in Wow?
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  • stairmand
    Stronghold 3, at release the wolves could climb ladders. (amongst a million other bugs)
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