Fortnite: Advanced Strategies for Season 4

The Best Fortnite Keyboard Layout

There are tons of actions to remember when playing Fortnite. The default keyboard setup leaves much to be desired. There are many different functions to keep in mind, such as swapping weapons, movement controls, fighting controls and building controls. Virtually all of these controls are important to use and cannot be neglected. So if you don’t already have the perfect Fortnite Battle Royale layout, then you may want to make the switch to this Myth keyboard layout.

For movement actions that include jumping and crouching, we recommend the spacebar for jumping and Left + Ctrl for crouching. This setup shines when it comes to building. For building slots, the simpler, the better: Z for Building Slot 1 (Wall), X for Building Slot 2 (Platform), C for Building Slot 3 (Ramp), F4 for Building Slot 4. The best thing about this type of key binding for building is that you can do everything from the keyboard.

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Your Guide to Greasy Grove

Greasy Grove is one of the popular parts of the map in Fortnite Battle Royale because there are a number of chests living here. Of course, this means you can expect a lot of competition. The Greasy Grove is located at the west side of the map. It is a residential area with a gas station, hardware store and fast food restaurant. If you want a decent amount of chests for yourself, you should not ignore the Greasy Grove. 

You will find your first two chests inside the large burger joint. You'll uncover a chest in the house at the southwest corner of the Greasy Grove. The best way to get to this chest is to land on the roof, break it and get the chest that is in the attic. You'll see another chest in a gazebo towards the east. There is a house next to the sporting goods store; there's a chest in the attic of that house. There are also three chests in the sports store. Two chests are located above the store at the walkway behind the crates with GUNS sign in the background. Another chest is in a secret room next to stairs.

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Grenade Launcher 101

The grenade launchers in Fortnite Battle Royale are pretty effective. It's the next best thing after the rocket launcher for causing destruction and mayhem. It doesn't take rocket science to use a grenade launcher, but you need to do more than just aim and shoot. Unlike the rocket launcher, range matters when it comes to the grenade launcher. If you do not keep the specific range of the grenade launcher in mind while shooting, you will most likely miss your shots. The sweet spot or optimum range to fire a grenade launcher is 50 meters.

Grenade launchers may also deal damage to the player who fires them if the target is too close. Damage from grenades spread in a small area and affect whoever is within range. Try to avoid using a grenade launcher in close combat, but if you have to, jump backwards as soon as you fire a shot.

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Call Out Supplies

The key to landing as a duo is to decide where to land. This can be done only by communicating with your teammate. While you are waiting for the game to load, you can plan where you'll land--and by “place” I mean a particular spot or a building. When the game starts, dive towards that location. Once you have landed somewhere and are collecting loot, make sure to call out every supply you are getting. This is beneficial because your partner may need that particular supply.

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Leveling Up the Battle Pass

With the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass, you can get the most out of your game. The Battle Pass unlocks unique weapon skins, dance moves and new characters, including John Wick and Thanos. Leveling up your Battle Pass means more cosmetic rewards.

The best way to level up your Battle Pass is by completing challenges. First, focus on the daily challenges as these are randomly assigned. Next, you'll want to start completing weekly challenges. If you think that a particular daily challenge is hard, don’t waste your time on it and instead complete the others. Finally, you can complete weekly challenges anytime you want as you will not miss any weekly challenge throughout the whole season.

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Communication Is Key

Remember, communication is the key to every team game. If you spot an enemy, always alert your teammate and try to point out their location. One common mistake that most of the players make is getting too descriptive when pointing out the location of the enemy. We recommend pointing out their position using a compass and letting your partner figure out the rest.

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Week 3 Challenge - Search the Chests in Lonely Lodge

This is a great weekly challenge to level up that battle pass card, especially because all you need to complete this challenge is the map. Lonely Lodge is usually a quiet landing area, but the area has peaked in popularity since the launch of this challenge. Players visiting Lonely Lodge can expect a decent amount of competition. The map contains the exact locations of each chest, which will ensure you get the chests before any other players. Players that collect all seven chests will complete the challenge.

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Fortnite Deal Damage to Opponents with Pistols Weekly Challenge

We're featuring the "Deal Damage to Opponents with Pistols" weekly challenge for a number of reasons. First of all, this is a simple challenge that only requires you to deal damage with a pistol, (and, to be clear, that's any pistol). There are better pistols to use when attempting this challenge, but more on that in a minute. The second reason this makes for a great challenge is that it forces players to get better at the pistol, which is truly an underrated weapon. 

The best pistol to use to complete this challenge is the suppressor pistol. It has one of the higher DPS and fire rates out of all the weapons. The suppressor also helps because you can silently deal damage to enemies. If you can't get a hold of the suppressor pistol, try to go for the hand cannon. Despite its low DPS compared to the suppressor, it's fairly easy to snipe with the hand cannon from a distance. You just need to do 500 damage.

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Snipe With the Hand Cannon

The hand cannon is a powerful weapon when used correctly. Players must be deliberate with their aim and shots. The hand cannon has a low rate of fire, so missed shots will wind up costing you big time. Make sure to aim well before you shoot, especially if you're at a close range.

Although the hand cannon is viable at close range, it is much more effective at long range, thanks to the improved accuracy and damage earned when firing at a faraway target. It may seem counterintuitive, but the hand cannon makes for a great alternative to the sniper rifle. Of course, the sniper rifle is a superior long distance weapon, but when in a pinch the hand cannon will do. Whittle down the enemies shield from afar and then finish them up close and personal with an assault rifle weapon.
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Deal More Damage

There are quite a few simple tactics players can employ to deal more damage on average. These methods require real skill, and it may take some time to nail your technique down. To deal more damage, players will want to limit their weapon bloom, always aim for the chest, fire burst rounds and let the crosshair shrink. We've already talked about weapon bloom, burst fire and aiming, but the crosshair shrink can be a devastating technique if mastered. Veteran first-person shooter gamers and Counter-Strike players should be familiar with this mechanic.

A player's crosshair represents the rough area of impact for each shot. As crosshairs shrink or tighten, so too do impact areas, which effictively concentrates your fire power, improving the chances that your bullets will land. Players can shrink the crosshair in a number of ways, but standing still or crouching is the most effective method. This technique is especially useful from a distance.

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