Fortnite: Advanced Strategies for Season 4

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4 Advanced Strategies

Our advanced strategy guide has everything you need to know for your next victory royale in Fortnite Season 4.

Everyone's favorite battle royale game continues to grow. In their efforts to attract new players and to make sure the game remains fresh for veterans, Epic Games has added tons of new content for Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale.

The biggest change this season is perhaps the updated game map, which was drastically transformed by the Fortnite Comet's crash landing and now includes low gravity areas. We expect there will be more one-time events throughout the season. These events, such as the dimensional-rift forming Rocket Launch, will have a serious impact on gameplay and strategy.

With great challenges come great rewards, to the tune of 100 tiers of new cosmetic items, emotes and sprays. There's a lot to parse through for Fortnite Season 4, so to help you get started we put together this list of advanced tips.

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Fortnite Battle Royale - All Chest Locations Shifty Shafts

Almost every location in Fortnite Battle Royale contains a decent amount of chests, but the trick is knowing where to find those chests. This is the reason that a lot of players do not get much loot and, as a result, get killed either at the start or in the middle of the game. It's the same thing with Shifty Shafts, an area in Fortnite Battle Royale located at the southwest corner of the map. This mine shaft location can be located between the Greasy Grove and the Salty Springs. Shifty Shafts is usually a quiet area to land in because there is not much to get if you are unaware of the exact spots to find loot.

The area that is marked as number 1 on the map is the main part of the Shifty Shafts and is a mining area. You can get up to seven chests in this location. The second location marked as number 2 on the map has two buildings. One is a large structure like a shack, and the other is a house. You can get two chests in this area. The third location marked as number 3 on the map has two locations. This is because there are three chests distributed in these two areas, and both are on the mountains.

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The Tactical Shotgun Advantage

With weapons that have good damage but low range, you need to be as close to your enemy as possible. The same is true when using the Tactical Shotgun. A good way to sneak up on enemies is to use the third-person view. If you're hiding behind a wall or a rock, you should still be able to see the enemy if using this view. Be patient. As soon as the enemy nears you, you can knock them out of the game with a few rounds up close and personal. If the enemy is far or walking away from your location, wait until they have their back to you. The second this happens, run towards them with your finger on the trigger. You'll have the element of surprise and a beneficial fire rate, which should allow you to land at least two or three hits before they have the chance to retaliate.

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Fortnite Duo or Die

Fortnite Battle Royale is a lot more fun with a trusty friend. Having additional eyes on your six and another pair of hands to build with affords new strategies and tactical plays that are otherwise impossible during a solo match. This is especially true when pinned down by the enemy. You can always count on your buddy to help you get back on your feet by reviving you. The problem is that reviving a teammate can be a challenging task, making you and your teammate vulnerable to additional attacks by the enemy. Make sure to stay safe and in cover while reviving your teammate. Nothing's worse than ending a game early because of an impulsive dash to save your friend.

Don't just rush over to your fallen comrade; wait! Before you go, finish off the attacker first. Better yet, build some defensive structures that will protect you and your teammate. This will make sure the enemy doesn't kill you during the middle of your revival. Open areas are usually a death sentence, but with just a few walls and a roof over your head you'll be protected in the front and from above.

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Fortnite Shields: Dos and Don'ts

Shield potions grant Fortnite players additional shield points, which act as armor against any damage to your health. While shields are great, you don't want to rely on them. Shields are an essential item and crucial for most victories. While they are useful, shield potions don't protect against all damage, only player damage. Any damage caused by non-player effects (falling, errant explosions, the storm) will still take away your health. That said, don't waste any shield potions. But also refrain from keeping shield potions until the end, otherwise you might not live long enough to use them.

Make sure to use the small shield potion. It's perhaps the most underrated item in Fortnite Battle Royale; many players don't even bother to pick it up. Small shield potions are common throughout each area. If you're smart about it, a few small shield potions can protect you throughout each game. If you are using slurp juice, you can always fill your shield bar to 50 by using small shield potions.

Finally, use cover when using a shield potion. It takes five seconds for a shield potion to have an effect, and while that might not seem like much, it only takes a few seconds to die from a sniper or headshot.

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Tilted Towers Tips

Due to it's central location, buildings and Tilted Towers are one of the most frequented areas on the Fortnite island. Combat here is close quarters, so finding a weapon fast is crucial. The first player with the best weapon will have an immediate tactical advantage. Although combat takes place at close range there are tons of buildings and vantage points, making Tilted Towers the perfect area for sniping. If you're not sniping, make sure to stay inside. The tall buildings offer protection from errant sniper fire.

Remember, the one who gets to the loot first will survive longer. To get to the chests quickly, you'll need to land quickly. The best spot to land is on top of the buildings where the chests are. Landing on the ground means more distance to cover on foot. Once you have landed on a building, open a chest, either on top of the building or inside, and get ready to defend. The best spot for landing to find chests atop a building is, of course, the clock tower.

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Size Doesn't Matter

Most players consider the pistol to be one of the weaker weapons, and while they may be right, it's more likely that they don’t know how to use it. The pistol requires finesse; a quick death awaits the player who barges into a gun fight screaming Leeroy Jenkins. Success with the pistol requires the right moment and steady aim.

The standard pistol has a pretty decent rate of fire, superior even to the suppressed SMG. Surprisingly, the rare pistol and suppressed pistol have one of the highest DPS values in the game. High DPS plus a high rate of fire means sure victory over most players, that is if you can aim. It only takes two shots to the head and one to the chest to kill a player with the pistol, which is a pretty awesome size to death ratio. Landing head and chest shots consistently requires practice. Therefore, make sure to play with the pistol as much as you can to develop a steady and true aim.

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Best Fortnite End Game Weapon

A suppressed pistol is perfect for end game strategy. Staying hidden takes on renewed importance when you're one of the final five or 10 players left in the game. Keeping quiet is key to staying off anyone's radar, and with the suppressed pistol, you can damage your opponent without revealing your location on the mini map. Thanks to the pistols effective fire rate and high DPS you should be able to rack up plenty of kills from the shadows.

And while the suppressed pistol does make less noise, it is not completely silent. When firing it will make some noise, which can be heard by other players if close enough. If you are planning on making stealthy end game kills, maintain enough distance so they can't hear you firing off some rounds. Don't be too far away, though. You'll want to aim for the head, which is difficult to do from far away.

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The Way We Fight

We already gave you some advanced duo strategies, but how about when you're soloing? In Fortnite Battle Royale everything you do adds up to either a victory or a defeat. How you gather resources, where you land, how many people you engage with, what you build and where you build are all equally important. However, the most important factor when it comes to victory is the way you fight. Always consider the range from which you fire. If using a shotgun, it's better to get into close combat. If playing with the assault rifle, you'll be effective from both close and medium ranges. Obviously, if playing as a sniper, it is best to stay at a distance from other players.

Great players are able to quickly and easily adapt to any situation, no matter their weapon. You could read every strategy guide from start to finish, but tips alone do not make a great player. Knowing what to do and when to do it takes knowledge, but also requires equal parts practice. You will not only die, but die often. The upside is with each death, you will learn something new.

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Fortnite Multitasking

The best thing to do while fighting is to build. When fighting, try to confuse the other player by putting walls in between you and them. When the moment is right, you'll want to pop out of cover to shoot them. Building while fighting lets players get to a higher ground, which is the ideal tactical position. Your opponent won't have anywhere to hide when you're raining death from above. Having the high ground is an equally good protective measure. The enemy will have a tougher time hitting you from below.

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Burst not Bloom

While assault rifles make for great weapons, there is a drawback: bloom. The bloom causes bullets to travel in a slightly different path than the direction from which you fired them. There is no way to eradicate bloom, but you can reduce its impact. Fire from a still position, crouched or standing. Make sure to crouch when firing from great distances. If using a scoped rifle, fire slightly above your target. This will not only reduce bloom, but also enhance your accuracy.

Burst Fire is always better than spray and pray. Firing continuously causes the gun to recoil and you to miss your target. Firing rounds in short one-second bursts will reduce recoil and improve your aim.

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