A Cheap and Easy Printer Ink Replacement

Pump Nozzle

Next the Inké unit starts buzzing as it pumps the ink from the refill tank through the printhead nozzles and then sucks the air out of the printhead. It repeats this "injection/ejection" cycle several times. A clever sensor system avoids leakages, overflows and incomplete refills. In around two minutes the original ink cartridge is full again and can be immediately reinserted in the printer and used.

The advantages of the Inké process are obvious: the gentle refilling method doesn't damage the printer cartridge, meaning that any user guarantee for the printer remains unaffected. This refill method also thoroughly cleans the nozzles and the printhead - with the consequence that, unlike with other manual methods such as needles, you can refill the cartridge up to 20 times with no wear and tear.

Besides the empty print cartridge, pictured here with an orange printhead, the user need only load one of the supplied refill tanks into the tray. Once the tray is closed, press a button and presto! Two minutes later the original cartridge is ready to go.