A Cheap and Easy Printer Ink Replacement

Keeping It Clean

Anyone who knows what it's like to refill an ink cartridge with a syringe will really appreciate the cleanliness of this method: you'll notice the reduction in your paper-towel and dry-cleaning budget.

The HS-45 does have one drawback, however: it only refills black HP-15, HP-40 and HP-45 ink cartridges. Only a quarter of all inkjet printers use these. Inké has already announced plans for other models for additional printer cartridges.

Finally, the best thing is that the Inké HS-45 - including three 40-ml refill tanks - is supposed to have a price tag of just $79 when it hits the stores. Basically, that means that after only three refills, it winds up costing less than a single new ink cartridge.


The Inké refill system gives users of the most widely sold HP inkjet printers a clever way to drastically reduce their printing costs without making any compromises. We're anxiously awaiting more models for other types of ink cartridges.