A Cheap and Easy Printer Ink Replacement


Ink is by far the bane of the ink ink-jet printer user's existence. Every time the ink well runs dry, the user has three choices: shelling out an exorbitant amount of cash for a replacement cartridge, buying a new printer or taking the courageous step with potential messy consequences of filling up the cartridge with a syringe. But now a company called Inké claims to offer users with HP 15, 40 and 45 ink-jet printer cartridgesan inexpensive and efficient alternative.

The Inké HS-45 refill system is a compact, attractively designed device that easily fits next to your printer. Four normal AA batteries or the included power supply powers the fully automatic refill pump. It couldn't be simpler to use: after inserting the empty ink cartridge and the 40-ml tank with black ink into the refill tray, all it takes is a single press of a button to start the refill process.

The first look is deceptive: the Inké device doesn't fill espresso cups but inkjet printer cartridges - completely automatically and with no mess.