be quiet! Pure Power 10 600W PSU Review

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Packaging, Contents, Exterior & Cabling


The box hasn't changed since last generation, except, of course, the series designation, which is now Pure Power 10.

There is a photo of the PSU and its modular panel up front, along with the 80 PLUS Silver badge in the top-left corner. Below the 600W label, you'll find short lists in English and German describing the L10-CM-600's advantages, including the three-year warranty. We take issue with that, since the competition generally offers better warranty coverage.

Around back, a diagram shows all of the cables, connectors, and lengths. The power specifications table is also shown there, along with a smaller image depicting the PSU's dimensions. Next to it, all of the L10-CM-600's certifications are listed in a box.


A piece of cardboard covers the top side of the PSU, offering mediocre protection. The L10-CM-600 is also protected by bubble wrap, though we'd like to see foam spacers used instead.

Aside from the necessary modular cables, be quiet!'s bundle includes a user's manual common to all Pure Power 10 units, some zip ties, and a set of fixing screws for mounting the PSU onto your chassis.


The orange accent around the fan and the specially-designed blades look nice.

Up front, a small power switch is installed next to the AC receptacle, so accessing it should be easy regardless of the PSU's orientation (fan facing upwards or downwards).

A be quiet! logo is stamped onto one of the sides; the other hosts a power specifications label that also includes the model and serial numbers.

A plastic grommet protects both fixed cables from the chassis' edges. As you can see, the cables feature black sleeving that goes all the way back into the case.

The modular panel only has five sockets. Two are for the PCIe cables and the rest handle peripheral connectors.

Unfortunately, be quiet! isn't explicit about which PCIe socket corresponds to the second +12V rail. During our tear-down, however, we figured out that the right PCIe socket draws power from +12V2, which is also used by the EPS connector. So, if you only use one PCIe cable, attach it to the left PCIe socket.

be quiet! delivers reasonable dimensions and an appealing external design, mostly thanks to the non-restrictive fan grille and an orange accent around the fan.


All of the cables, both fixed and modular, consist of dark wires. On top of that, the modular cables are flat, blocking less airflow inside of your enclosure.

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  • sunny420
    This one looks like a pass. Much better units out there. Too bad, I wish the best for BeQuiet!
    Another review:
    For not too many $ more you can get a Seasonic G series.
    With quality components-better design-better performance,
    and to top it off a longer warranty................................

    Avoid these low end PSU's......................