CES 2007: Shure tries to be more consumer friendly with sane-priced quality earphones

Las Vegas (NV) - The upper-crust of earphone design is to be found coming from companies such as Shure; who sell high-quality noise cancelling, in-ear, headphones for which you can drop up to $500 for the pleasure of owning. With companies such as Creative coming to the market with more consumer-friendly products, Shure is now seeking to attract the consumer with higher-than-normal quality headphones without the more-extortinate-than-normal prices.

Their new consumer darling for 2007 is the SE-420, a two-driver (in each ear) set with its own dedicated woofer and in-line crossover; and (in the words of Shure, at any rate) excellent midrange. "This set really addresses the consumer who doesn't quite want to spend $500 on a pair of earphones, but still wants exceptional quality."

Shure is launching a series of these consumer priced products, alongside modular add-ons, such as different lengths of cable, push-to-hear buttons, airplane adapeters and so forth.

The bottom line price in the new range is the SE-240, which has a $149 price tag attached; going up to $449 at the top end of the range... So, not quite too far off the $500 mark, but there's more "Something there for everyone" in the new Shure range than there previously was.

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