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Connecting With Skype's Phone Service

Installation, Continued

It's easy to tell that everything is working properly and that you've logged in successfully, because as soon as you complete the process a Skype contact list appears. Those who don't already have Skype contacts see a green checkered (cross-hatched?) icon to indicate that a connection is up and running, ready for use.

During the next step, you'll install the drivers and the user interface software for the IP-700m handset. Simply pick the "Install IPFones" item from the menu, and you're off and running.

One click...

... and then another, is all it takes to get the IPFones software installed.

With just a few clicks, you'll find the process is done, and the software is installed on your hard disk.

The IP-700m user interface concentrates on what's important

A red symbol in the start menu labeled "OFF" shows that while the software is installed, the device isn't plugged in yet.

As the final step, insert the USB connector from the IP-700m into a free port. After a few seconds that it takes for Windows to recognize the device, it's ready to go. As soon as that happens, the red menu symbol changes its shape and its color goes green to show it's available for use. Otherwise, all you see is the time, date, and day of the week.

Ready to rock'n'roll with your IP telephone on a notebook or desktop PC

Those who want to install a different call tone, or alter default microphone and loudspeaker settings for the handset, must use the IP-700m's Advanced Mode menu. That means right-clicking its Start menu entry, to enable access to the Advanced Mode menu. Voice related settings are likewise accessible through this same menu Compare Prices on IP-700 M Phone.

Using this menu provides access to the full range of install options for the IP-700m software