Conventional Hard Drive Obsoletism? Samsung's 32 GB Flash Drive Previewed

Samsung Flash SSD Features And Specifications

Our sample unit integrates the unit by way of an UltraATA/66 interface, which effectively limited thoroughput in our tests to a maximum of 50 MB/s. The drive weighs about the same as a candy bar at 46 g, with the PCB/chips weighing 29 g. Thus the plastic drive casing comprises about 1/3 of total weight. Regular 2.5" drives clock in about 100 g total. As you can tell from the pictures and deconstruction there are 16x 16 Gbit Flash memory chips giving us the 32 GB total.

When the unit is idle, power consumption is next to nothing, drawing only 0.03 W. While in operation, the power consumption was roughly 0.9 W. No noise is generated due to the lack of moving parts and rotation, and such a unit is not affected by shock in any way. Its footprint is smaller than of a regular 2.5" drive, although Samsung will offer larger sizes to allow for easy integration within existing form factors. Lastly, the unit does not get hot at all and can be operated in virtually any environment.